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the output noise depends on the filter components in the regulator.
tuned antenna> tuned filter>pre-amp> peak detect >logic level, ... preamp> LO mix> IF filter> IF Aamp> RSSI detect>logic level. Define f, Input/Output Thresholds, Ambient noise & adjacent channel rejection criteria, hysteresis level from noise and latency for trigger and re-trigger and pulse stretch. T
Shielded CAT 5 may work but be prone to stray CM fields but opto isolated should give decent CM rejection but some crosstalk between sensors. May need filter cap. ( ~100pf/m ?) So it depends on noise, speed and crosstalk and resulting SNR. Might be fine if you verify with stray transient and hum tests.
So you need a noise rejection filter and you have a sampling rate which has a maximal signal bandwidth that can exceed the Shannon sampling theorem rate. But you are only interested in real-time rate changes of temperature but know that phase shift with filtering causes time delay or group delay. Can you model a
In a multiple conversion receiver each mixer (or mixing process) would have its own image frequency, whatever is the 1st, the 2nd, or the 3rd in the chain. An image filter placed in the front of a mixer will suppress the image signal AND the image noise. Usually the 1st mixer use at its input (RF input) an image filter with bandwidth equal (...)
For best sensitivity , low offset and best common mode noise rejection use an Instrumentation Amp IC ( 3 opamps) and use the series RC to define your HPF cutoff (fc=1/(2pi RC) instead of R7 You can get these in 1
I need to design a filter for rejection of average red LED,light levels ,other noise from AC switchings and accept only IR signals from my IR transmitter . . However ,I tried putting a light filter ,,smoky and deep red acrylic sheets but sensitivity reduced to 2-3mtrs . The normal supply suppression changes the pulse (...)
Hello Friends.. In our project we have power supply unit with LC filter for RF noise rejection. but, is there need to put LC filter there.. is there any possible to use micro controller for this..... can any one help me in this...... Please provide additional information for members to underst
i do not know of any circuits which explicitly filter the power supply noise. I have seen some crude RC filters on power supply but in general differential amplifiers are used which have high PSRR(Power Supply rejection Ratio) since the power supply noise appears as common mode.
In general an image filter is a standard Band Pass filter. Because the duty of the image filter is not only to filter the image frequency and also reducing the image noise, the bandwidth of this filter shall be equal with the RX bandwidth. The out of band rejection of the (...)
Hello Everyone; What is LNB (Low noise Block)? Which blocks are contained in it? Please explain fully.
In Receiver, it also means adjacent channel selectivity(ACS), which depends on LO's phase noise, linearity and channel filter..
High-IF receiver needs High-Q filter for image rejection, so it isn't integratible. Image rejection function of Low-IF and Zero-IF receiver is done in baseband, so no High-Q filters needed. So Low-IF and Zero-IF architecture is suit for integration with CMOS technology. For same application, Zero-IF receiver needs lower (...)
Image noise foldover can be prevented in two ways: use an image filter, or use an image-rejection mixer.
I'm using the 4046 PLL with type 2 phase comparator (I need full VCO range lock) with external VCO, at about 100kHz. To make a stable PLL i use the classical lead-lag filter with 2 resistors and 1 cap with enough damping. The question is how I can attenuate enough the pulses from the phase detector that reach the VCO input ? If I damp enough t
Hi, u can use a notch filter to remove the power noise of 50 HZ. thanks sawaak
Hello, I'm gonna use the filter from the following application 4 figure 4 The filter is R7-C3-NPN transistor. They say that this filter supress the noise with 50dB. I'm wondering how this work. Does this filter hava a special name? Grtz Troela
First places that you have to check is the IP3 of the LNA, the rejection of the RX SAW filter (out-of-band blocking), and the phase noise of the LO. regards
At these frequencies a LC or transmission line type filter would work best. These others do not have the Q or the low noise or the out of band rejection required.
Hi all, let's say I have an heterodyne front-end. The first mixer will bring both the signal and noise at image freq on the IF freq. This will lead to a ~3dB NF degradation and thus an image rejection filter is required (for other reasons also...). Next comes an IQ demodulator which rejects the image frequency. What about (...)