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Hi; I designed a LC-VCO in ADS and i should plot its phase noise. I persued a clear tutorial so i used HB simulation. I will send the ADS file of output voltage and the parameter which i used in HB simulation to undestand more the matter. After doing all of these steps, i can't plot the phase noise spectrum. What can i do an
Hi everyone, I just uploaded my tutorial video on how to build a simple LM386 based class AB audio amplifier. If you use the maximum supply voltage it can achieve ~1 watt output. There is also some discussion about mitigating op-amp oscillation which seems to trip up a lot of newbies complaining about noise issues. [video=youtube;4ObzEft2R_g
Hi, Before you choose a tutorial you need to choose in which way you want to improve your circuit. Improvement is relative. One likes to improve his circuit in "cost" and therefore uses a cheaper device. The other likes to improve his curcuit in "noise" and therefore buys a more expensive device. How can a tutorial know this? Klaus
Please recommend some good books on Phase noise analysis in RF circuits. I am a novice on the topic. I was following Rubiola's book on phase noise, but am unable to understand it properly.
Hi I need to calculate noise figure in hspice. I read sth in tutorial about .lin analysis(linear network parameter analysis, but don`t know how to use the command? thank you all,
New development; I already made the co-simulation model and simulated it with the lumped componentes. Unfortunately, my gain is not what I expected. I get my S11 and S22 like I wanted, but my noise Figure and Gain are terrible apart from want i pretend. I left a figure below with the results. 112423 Any one has any idea what
dear all I want to simulate phase noise of PLL by Hspice RF. I've read the tutorial, written on it, that the output file must be by using .probe simulation but I can't get it. can any body help me? thanks
Check out the latest installment of the Low noise Amplifier Design tutorial Series. Adding Source inductance really provided some great results!
Low noise Amplifier Design tutorial Series Part 1 Low noise Amplifier Design tutorial Series Part 2 I look forward to your active participation in discussing this bl
doing project on "noise adaptive ldpc decoding using particle filtering based belief propagation".instead of belief propagation im going use expectation doubt is whether we can use particle filter in expectation propagation or any other advanced propagation is there to use.else give any idea on that
Hello I want to know more about Flipped Voltage Follower (FVF). I want to know about gain and noise calculations of it. Does anyone know about it? tnx
Hi all. I have browsed the forum but i cannot found something similar to my problem. I am following tutorial from K.Kundert on Pnoise simulations of SC. I can clearly follow his steps and the mathematical derivation of kT/C noise spectrum. I am trying to obtain good results from the track&hold example. I use the same configuration of (...)
Hi, I was following a tutorial on Phase noise from I tried to simulate the attached circuit and got an error message saying " Cannot alter vout. It is a dependent variable" Can you please look into the circuit ( ADS design file is attached in zip folder) and guide me
hi, hw to find noise figure for VGA? pls provide tutorial if any.. thanks in advance
Hi,there I want to simulate the noise performance of my circuit.But I can't find the tutorial in the spectre manual.Anybody knows? My circuit is fully differential op-amp,but in the noise analysis of ADE,I only see single-end input,then how to do? Thanks
Design a low-noise single stage amplifier using microstrip on 1-mm-thick alumina substrate (εr =9.6) and a FET (proposed type: NE3210S01) with the following specifications: Center Frequency: 2.3GHz Bandwidth: 10% Gain (min): 12dB noise Figure (max): 1dB Output VSWR (max): 2.0:1 (matched to 50Ω source and load) i need
I need to design a low noise amplifier operating between 890MHz – 910MHz using an Infineon RF transistor BFP640. Can someone post a tutorial that might be helpful for starters
Does anyone have this tutorial from Mentor Graphics?? "Analysis of Phase noise in Phase-Locked Loops with Eldo RF" Thanks a lot!
how to do a noise simulation in spectre for a opa? or anyone can provide some tutorial? thanks.
you can use noise simulation in spectre , just choose noise analysis and point to the node of interest and if you want you can also point to the input source you want to refer the noise to