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HI I am using this formula for snr SNR=10log(Ps/σ^2) where Ps is the power of my signal and σ^2 is the noise variance. where noise has gaussian distribution with certain mean. I wanted to ask is this formula valid only when the noise is zero mean? if so what if my (...)
how to write a matlab code for generating received e in e=hG+n channel :?: zero-mean Gaussian noise
could somebody please brief me the following method of generating Gaussian noise specially the term sqrt(2), i.e., why it has been used here Gaussain noise in Matlab 1/sqrt(2) (randn(no of bits)+j.*(no of bits)) Thank you very much for your time!
OK, that is good. I need to find the covariance matrix of a noise vector. Now I have the covariance matrix mathematically, but I want to make sure my derivation is correct. The noise vector is Gaussian with zero mean. So, based on what you said I can do the following: (...)
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to signal processing. I'm doing a project which involves superimposing quasi periodic bio-medical signals (emg or egg signals) to remove the noise (the noise approaches zero because its mean is zero) so I can calculate the signal to noise ratio (SNR). The (...)
A random signal from a deep-space probe is uniformly distributed between 17.324V and 32.574V. It is observed in the presence of Gaussian noise N having zero mean and standard deviation of 9V. If the observed value of the signal plus noise is 19V, find the best estimate of the signal amplitude. In a stormy sea, the (...)
Hi ReComm, Let see this example: R1 = S + n1 R2 = S + n2 where S is the "useful signal" and n1, n2 are non-correlated noise contributions with zero mean and standard deviation sigma. The addition is R = R1 + R2 = 2*S + n1+n2 The total signal is 2*S and the total noise contribution is (...)
hi can anyone tell me what is meant by zero mean if i have zero mean of a guassian random variable noise has zero mean??? but variance N0/2 also explain this with help of a diagram how zero mean value can be represented (...)
i m doing VAD based on zero crossing rate.i have studied papers and come to know that zero crossing rate threshold is ZCRT=mean(noise)+5*standard deviation(noise) how can i set value of detection?how can i implement ZCR in SIMULINK? is there any other method?
Hi, I am adding strong noise which has zero mean to an OOK modulation. I use for that the matlab function 'randn'. But after this, I apply a chebyshev 3? order bandpass filter and I don't really know if the output signal would have the same property of zero mean or not? Thanks in advance
Hi everybody! Can you help me to write in matlab code a zero-mean white gaussian noise with variance=10^-4 Thanks so much!!
11. Waveform synthesis using Laplace transform 12. Locating zeros and poles, and plotting the pole ?zero maps in S-plane and z-plane for the given transfer functions 13. Generation of Gaussian noise (real and complex), computation of its mean, M.S. values and its Skew, Kurtosis, and PSD, probability distribution function (...)
I have question regarding fft function in matlab. If I do something like: t = 0:0.001:0.6; x = sin(2*pi*50*t)+sin(2*pi*120*t); y = x + 2*randn(size(t)); plot(1000*t(1:50),y(1:50)) title('Signal Corrupted with zero-mean Random noise') xlabel('time (milliseconds)') Then which window is being used by MATLAB. I looked into help of (...)
Y(t)=X(t)+R.V~(mean=0,known variance) You can use the info that noise is a RV that has a zero mean and is Wide Sense Stationary. So, I think, when you can transmit the same signal X many times and monitor the o/p Y's. The average of Y's is a good estimation of X, assuming you transmitted X infinity times.
Hi, A good method is to use a second phase detector (PD) that compares the phase of the incoming signal with the VCO shifted 90 degrees. When locked, the (filtered) output of this second PD is a DC. Without input signal, the output is zero (or noise if the input is just noise). When unlocked, the output oscilates with (...)
Hi all, The channel noise of a mos transistor depends on zero bias drain conductance gd0... what does it really mean? zero-bias (is it bias gate equal zero or drain zero?). How could I extract from simulation this parameter? what about γ and δ? how could obtain these (...)
Hi all, The channel noise of a mos transistor depends on zero bias drain conductance gd0... what does it really mean? zero-bias (is it bias gate equal zero or bias drain zero?). How could I extract from simulation this parameter? what about γ and δ? how could obtain these (...)
it would be very simple if you use matlab in the simulink toolbox you can add this noise directly to your system
i've read that white gaussian noise has zero mean and a variance of 1. at the same time, the power spectral density has to be uniform all throughout in frequency. i am confused as to how to program in mathcad to generate this noise and i need some clarification to fully understand this. thanks for the help in advance.
hi guys, im having great trouble understanding the random variable part in dsp subject. hope any one could post me link or book i can study to understand this. 2) im not sure how to solve this problem: Let x be a zero-mean white noise sequence of unit variance. For each of the following filters compute the output autocorrelation Ryy(k)

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