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I can add the nokia661o and 6610i
hi all, i'm using pic16f628a to control nokia 6210... but the phone does not respond to AT command. I did a test using my PC and an FBUS interface and it's really showing that it does not respond to the AT commands that im sending to it like: AT or AT+CMGF=1... What could be possibly wrong? please see the following to see the circuit (...)
Hi all i am trying to send sms using the pic microcontrller and a nokia 6210 and a DLR-3 data cable. everything works fine from the PC but when i do it fron my microcontroller without the nokia cable my microcontroller sends out the correct AT commands i can see this via (My Breakout Box) but when i connect the DLR (...)
ha_wasfy,... Forget about the Siemens and nokia phones. That's was an advice from a friend and I experienced it myself. We've tried several nokia phones(6210,6610,6020,6070) and nothing of them worked. However, as soon as we connect the Ericsson T20, it worked perfectly. So, my advice is to continue working with the Ericsson.
helloo friend......... i'm need some help. i'm student last year, now i'm doing my thesis. my thesis is sending message using 3310. the message is contain data from digital hour watt metre by serial data cable but i confuse about how i can connect my nokia 3310 to microcontroller at89c51, and how to control that. the point of my thesis is how to