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Hello... I made temperature sensor using pic16f877a. NOW i want to send this reading using sms... i want when i send for example "Temperature" to the phone connected to the pic it responds to me as message "Temperature is: 20" i mean sms communication and i guess it is done by fbus and AT commands, my problem i cannot write the full source code i
hello experts ., I want to make project that send an sms from a nokia mobile using 8051 (when certain condition comes in controller attached sensor ) i have googled a lot but am confused where i start . i have no experiences regarding hyper terminal please help me where i will start any sample c code for that
nokia 6610 supports AT-Commands as well as sending messages in TEXT mode. Just connect your controller UART pins to the phone pins (RXD, TXD and, GND). Microcontroller | Free Electronics and Engineering Tutorial | electrical | schematic | pcb design | electricity - Part 3 | pcb design | electri
For myself, I made the same project 3 years ago using nokia 6610i that supports sms in text mode and the cable interface is serial. So, you can connect it directly to your controller. Hope this helps.
this is what u need:
Hello to all, could anybody help me with some informations related to the topic "sms control"? I want to design a schematic using nokia 6310i and PIC 16F877 in order to control remontely some devices and get feedback from them. Thank you!
Thank you very much allko. I went to the link you gave. downloaded the asm file att with the article.I found 6 nos asm file in the smsC4PIC V5 and 23 asm files in the smsC4PIC v6. Now I have become totally confused. which asm file or how can i use all the asm codes in a single PIC micro contr
can anyone pls give me the circuit diagram of sms controller using nokia 3310
Hi, Guys I build the project for sms Remote control from SiliconChip Magazine with mobile phone nokia 3310 and the controller is ATMEGA8515-16PI then I have a problem which is the {comms error led} still on with or without connecting to mobile phone. Would you please give me details about this problem?
I have nokia 3310 and I want to use it for sms controller, is it possible? I want to write AT commands in assembly language, if any one can help in this regards please help me to write AT commands in assembly for nokia 3310. regards
i have done the same project using nokia mobile but the same controller . ok now for alert i didnt use any alert method i just keep checking the inbox for sms after every 20 seconds . after i read an sms the controller deletes it itself,so the inbox remains always empty, now whenever a new (...)
I have nokia 3310 cell phone and I want to use it as sms controller, how can I use it as sms controller with uc 89c51? I have seen many project of sms controller on this forum but not for nokia 3310. Please if some one helps. regards
PIC16F84A microcontroller and a nokia 6210 cellphone. We will also use a Max232 mobile phones usually use inverted TTL RX/TX signals, so max232 is unnecessary
Hai... just and idea to to integrated this 2 unit together where there gps unit will trigger the cellphone to send sms or i can locate as a tracking device. FYI i alreday make my own sms controller where using nokia phone and have 2 dry contact relay...from here how can i connect this 2 unit? do i need to make a new (...)
Try: There you will find sms controller (nokia) from Silicn Chip. Maybe you will be able to adopt this controller to your project. Regards, IanP
Salam, Micro ---> AVR AT90S8515 Langauge ---> There is hex code only. Mobile ---> nokia Bye
I am afraid you will get troubles with nokia phones, try to use Siemens phones or GSM modems. Do a search here for "PIC sms" or search my posts and you will find how it can be done with "old" Siemens phones or GSM modems. You can use a PIC or 8051 controller (cheap and often used). hope this helps
Now I try to used nokia 3210 phone for comunicate to my micro controller for sending a sms but i try find a pin assigment in a net but not found can any body give me a link for thet imformation THX..

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