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OK - I understand your point. It makes the Wilkinson type even more interesting. The "resistor" feature was a novel addition contrary to most expectation at the time. Built for splitting, the surprise came when discovering the performance when combining. I am sure the Wilkinson has been analysed to extremes by now, but I have always simply used
2.) When two dBm numbers need to be added up (for the non-coherent case that FvM mentioned), one cannot avoid the pain of converting back to linear first. This is where even using decibel format could not help. It's right in order to have exact values, but I don't agree with the second part: In that c
hi everyone, i'm working on a project related to Soft Decision Decoding of FH-MFSK in Matlab. the soft matrics (expressions) for non-coherent detection of MFSK have been derived. now the time is to implement these soft decisions in matlab to see the results. can anyone help me in how to implement this soft metrics in matlab for (...)
Hi, can someone tell me how to implement Soft Decision Decoding of non-coherent FH-MFSK system in matlab?? Thanks
All differential encoded signal are received using non coherent demodulation. Other normal signals are detected using coherent demodulation. My books says "The differential encoded signal has a larger BER compared to normal signals and it's inferior to it by an amount of 3db". Why is differential encoded signals having a larger probability (...)
1. A digital communication system operating over an AWGN channel requires a probability of bit error (Pb) of 10^-3, find the required Eb/No (dB) for the following binary modulations: BPSK, BFSK, OOK, DPSK, non-coherent BFSK, and non-coherent OOK. Show computations. 2. The bit stream (1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 (...)
Because the modulation index is the ratio between the DC value added to baseband signal and baseband minimum value. In DSBSC and SSBSC no DC value is added and no non-coherent detection is applied so the modulation index is not defined.
You can check non-coherent systems.
Hi ReComm, Let see this example: R1 = S + n1 R2 = S + n2 where S is the "useful signal" and n1, n2 are non-correlated noise contributions with zero mean and standard deviation sigma. The addition is R = R1 + R2 = 2*S + n1+n2 The total signal is 2*S and the total noise contribution is zero-mean, but its standard deviation is sqrt(2)
If you do not use "coherent sampling" you need to apply a window function to your signal before the fft, see below.nsignal=4096; fs=44100; f=1001*fs/nsignal; % coherent sampling i.e. integer number of cycles (1001) in nsignal samples %f=1000; %non-coherent sampling. Use hann window below t=/fs; y=1*sin(2*pi*f*t); w=ones(nsignal,
Here you go to start with I suggest you go through Xiong's book on Digital Modulation schemes. It may be available in the library of your university
Dear All, As I understand the minimum frequency spacing for coherent BFSK is 1/2T which results in minimum shift keying. The maximum bit rate is hence two times the frequency spacing. For non-coherent BFSK the minimum frequency separation is 1/T which limits the maximum data rate to equal the frequency separation. Maybe this is a (...)
can any body tell me why coherent receivers are not used in Frequency Hopping?
can any body send me matlab code that will compare bit error performance of PSK(coherent), DPSK(differentially coherent),orthognal,FSK(coherent),orthognal FSK(non coherent) thanks
Does anyone know of any papers on how to achieve high coding gain in non-coherent modulation, like FSK?
i need matlab code for modulation and detection of time varying channel.. i need the code for interleaver,modulation using coherent bpsk,non coherent fsk,
also pay attention if spreading spectrum technique is used which requires non-coherent sync
What is the non-coherent integration and coherent integration in the GPS receiver? Thanks so much for your help.
Hi rami, What I mean is how to build a non-coherent PN acquisition system. Especially the mathematical analysis of such system.
What's coherent and non coherent modulation?