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is it necessary to excite orthogonal modes in a rectangular DRA for MIMO application? or we can excite non orthogonal modes as well
Do not confuse Sideband Suppression with Image Rejection. Direct Conversion Receivers doesn't have an image frequency. In an IQ receiver, ideally the I and Q channels of the radio signal carry orthogonal, non-interfering, channels of information. Mismatch (imbalance) in the Gain or Phase of the I and Q channels results in interference between the
It simply means that ALL instructions can be used on ALL registers. A non-orthogonal processor would have certain instructions which were only relevant to some registers because the source of data or it's destination are hard-coded in the instruction itself. In an orthogonal instruction, some of the bits are used to directly address the (...)
the pn sequences you are using seem to be antipodal rather than orthogonal. Thats where the problem is. You cannot properly multiplex with non-orthogonal codes Try Walsh sequences, it will work Added after 55 seconds: look thats the most obvious mistake, I haven't reall
Circular waveguide is symmetrical at all angles around its circumference. As such, it is well suited to form antennas that need things like circular polarization (equal parts of two orthogonal electric fields). Rectangular waveguide is non-symmetrical. In fact, it is usually deliberately designed with dimensions that would only support one dom
>1.I would want to know a little bit about non-orthogonal STBC. Can you help me! Guess these are codes where the transmitted sequences are not always orthogonal to each other, unlike, say, Alamouti. But then, may be they are called "partially orthogonal" >2.Are STBCs a kind of chanel coding or what? Nope. STBC are (...)
(just an idea) As the CDMA codes are orthogonal. If we correlate all the PN codes with received signal (considering that received signal is time aligned. Otherwise algo needs extension to consider delay or non-alignment), we will get different power level for all the available PN codes. Now set a threshold, from knowledge base, to consider vali
channels overlap in 80211b/g. there are only 3 non overlapping channels. channel 1, 6, 11. yes. BW is same, but channels in 5GHz don't overlap.
hello what is the difference between the coherent and non coherent detection of orthogonal FSK signals. i.e.: the minimum required frequency separation in coherent detection is 1/2T, where T is the symbol duration, to achieve the orthoganality. at the same time the minimum required separation in frequency to achieve orthogonality in (...)
hi, The NLOS (non line of sight) caraceristics of WiMAX signal is provided by the OFDM modulation used to bring the signal information. The NLOS is performed by the orthogonal carriers which composed the ofdm signal. The antenna is not in question Even if you are using a -3dBi antenna versus a +7dBi one ?:D
Hi, By using orthogonal subcarriers, OFDM allows overlapping of the subcarriers without having ICI and almost 50% bandwidth is saved compared to the traditional FDM which uses non-overlapping subcarriers and needs guard bands to avoid ICI. the orthogonality of OFDM subcarriers come from the fact that they are chosen such that they are (...)
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