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Hi all, I'm struggling with a DSP, TMS320C6424. C6424 hasn't got an internal flash for program memory. I should use an external flash for programming. C6424 has 8-/16-bit-Wide data flash memory interfaces for NAND and nor Flashes.(Up to 128M-byte address reach) Should I select NAND or nor flash? How (...)
I'm using two Strata Flash (x16), connected in parallel to make it x32 bit interface. Processor i'm using is MPC8358E. For board bring-up i'm using Abatron's BDI-2000 JTAG debugger. After Processor Initialization, I've tested DDR-II and nor Flash (mentioned above) using std memory tests and it has Passed. But when i try to download (...)
NAND are usually organised on 8 bit bus, while nor on 16 bit bus.
I will give a simple example .. consider you want to implement a 2x1 nand gate. And you have 4:1 mux ..and SRAM memory you can tie the mux inputs to 0 or 1 so that it acts as a nand or nor gate and keep the select pins as the input of the gate. many techniques like sram,anitfuse etc are used in fpgas to store the bit pattern used (...)
I hear that now AMD's mirror bit flash(nor type) is big and cheap. You can use it just like normal nor flash. Its speed is now 80ns.