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I could not find a model for "microstrip step with offset" in ADS circuit simulation, neither in ADS2005 nor in ADS2002 and ADS2003. As you may know these models are easily available in "Ansoft Designer" and "Microwave Office". Would somebody help me where I can find a complete set of models for microstrip elements in ADS ?
Class Project : Yarmouk Book Store (my university : yarmouk uni.) has over 50 sales agents across multiple locations. They have decided to implement an online sales program. The new Internet based sales program is expected to increase the sales volume and enhance the profit margin. note: they do not have a network system, nor they have (...)
As per my class teacher's lecture: Nanotechnology could be called if it qualifies two conditions: (1) Size : in nanometer scale (1nm - 100nm) (2) Showing some nano-effects; e.g., quantum-mechanical effects etc. So, what I wanna say is that not only size nor the property solely qualify for the terminology. While both of them are present, h
Hi, MUX is also an universal gate apart from NAND and nor gates.
hi, current high performance flip flop is not a simple nor nand sturcture. you have mainly 3 families of flip-flops master-slave (like powerpc flip-flop)pulse triggered flip-flop (like hybrid latch flip-flop) and sense amplifier flip-flop, i attached to you a pdf from which you can start.
Direct current Transformers should not be driven with DC nor, generally, have any DC component present at the input. Relatively small amounts of direct current can cause core saturation and thus prevent proper operation. Also, since a DC voltage source would not give a time-varying flux in the core, no induced counter-EMF woul
1) I am not familiar with the 89C2051, but I looked at the datasheet and this micro has no EEPROM, nor has it any way of self-programming the FLASH. That means that the IR code you enter is simply stored in RAM. So when you power down the circuit, the code is lost, which explains why it will not start after a powerdown. I am puzzled about (...)
I am using these types of memories for my project. Its from ST microelectronics and they are manufacturing M25 and M45 families flash memories, up to 16 or 32 mbytes.They are i think nor based, spi interface memories suitable for embedded applications file systems...
I'm calculating the area based on my own flash project, For a .25 array technology, assumign you are using nor type of array, a 512wordline x 1048 bitline array block including decoding may possibley take 540ux900u considering that you have source implanting technology(if not, you have to consider source connection), and you may need 4 bl
I would like to make a regular light switch, that when turned on, it gradually fades up the light bulb to full power. If the light bulb took about 4-5 seconds to reach full power it would be very nice. That way it would give people's eyes time to adjust to the changing light level rather that have the light flash them. I think it's not normal and a
since you don't know SIS (it's free BTW) it is rather to make such enquires (no offense :) Anyway, I have not used SIS, nor I plan to. maybe some SIS-guy can jump in... the_penetrator?
Junk is precisely what the autorouter will chuck out, especially if your not too used to it nor put in the ground work required to make it work properly. Perhaps you need to try and use it some more, then make your own decision about using it. I'll do 99.9% manually and if I get some awkward signals I need to put down in a hurry "then" I may
Even though the steady-state output current is only 500mA, you can get a higher inductor current, especially in a simulation where you do not control the duty-cycle dynamically and you do not have any feedback, nor any elements to prevent the inrush current.. Plus, you need to charge up the output capacitor from zero. While the output (...)
Can anybody help me with the problem of modeling delay across a Nand or nor latch using logical effort or any other methodology? The normal straight forward approach does not give correct result. A paper or book discussing the problem will be appreciated. Thanks!
Dear Flatulent, I don't agree with "Group has to be equal to or slower than light because it is a physical thing (transmission of information.)" In fact, in general that is not true. I copied the page 333 and 334 from Stratton, Electromagnetic Theory, McGraw-Hill, to explain it. Regards. If the dispersion of the medium is normal and m
Hello Kumar, In a single SRAM memory cell, there are two NAND or nor gates. You simply take the number of Transistors in a single NAND or nor gate and multiply by 2. I am not so sure with teh DRAM memory. But as far as I remember, the columns of a DRAM memory are interconnected together.(I am not sure wih this maybe (...)
check out NAND flash or nor flash from STMicro or Samsung. There are application notes on to do that.
oh i'm sorry i didn't read the OR ,nor specs ....i assumed it was an AND my fault !!
I've designed a signal acquisiton and processing system based on DSP(tms320c6713) and FPGA(Altera cyclone). When the circuit is powered, the total current is 0.55A though there is no program running neither in FPGA nor in DSP. The other devices, such as A/D, SDRAM and FLASH, do not work, just powered. WHY the current is so high? Further more, wh
u can make a rs latch from either 2 nor gates or 2 NAND gates, refer to text books or search in google, and u will find it is easy to build one such latch.

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