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Hello What applications do you want to work on ? Both compilers are very good, nor any of them is bad, and nor any better than the other, it just differs upon what each compiler presents for you. For example, PICBasic Pro has a built in I2C commands that work on PICs that don't have I2C hardware, while PICBasic Plus doesn't. On the othe
Hi Guys, I like to know what are basic gates in LUT of xilinx spartan 3? I think Xilinx use AND,OR,not, and XOR as a basic gate elements in their FPGA and nor,NAND,nor,Xnor can create from combination of those four basic elements. BUT... I am not sure about it! If you guys know it could you (...)
I need some limitted number of AK4565 Audio Codec component. None of Avnet, Newark, Digikey nor mouser do not have this component. Any body can lead me to a location so that I can buy this? ( 10 components ) Thanks.
I doubt it. A 128MB SD card is avialable for $20 or so. Can you tell me the approx price of a nor flash.
A board support package provides a abstraction of hardware by providing common functionality over which rest of the RTOS is built. For example, the scheduler does not change if the peripherals or even CPU is changed. nor does the logic of Message Queue or semaphore implementation. But the booting process definitely changes when you choose a differe
Im making a schematic in eagle using a 2-input quad nor IC. When atempting to create a board I find that the implicit vdd and vss power pins are not respectivley connected to V+ and GND. I thought eagle does this automatically. Please help. Thanks.
and here is another one, in german, from a kit manufacturer but I dont have source code nor hex files...
Hi there. I must design 24 channel digital input card on size of single europa. I need solution that does not use relays that are for 220V where coil is placed as input because there is not enough space for this solution, nor solution with optocupler and current limiter with resistor since this way it will disipate about 0,6Wx26ch=15.6W (...)
In an actual circuit, the +7.5v and -2.5v also depend on the resistor values and the 5v source. not all 5v sources would appreciate +7.5v nor -2.5v being applied to it's output.
Hi, You can use Waveport. However - you must make sure that it is not too wide nor too narrow (ha !). 1) The waveport must touch all grounds (two coplanar grounds, and in grounded CWG also touch the ground and the bottom (as in microstrip). 2) The waveport must no exceed lambda/2 in any dimention. 3) The waveport must not be too (...)
Hi 1 not gate = 2 Transistors (1 Pmos + 1 NMos) 1 NAND gate = 4 Transistors (2 Pmos + 2 Nmos) 1 nor gate = 4 Transistors (2 Pmos + 2 Nmos) Except not gate, any other standard basic gate contain 4 transistors.
I have designed the attached coil in hfss .However i cannot get neither expected results nor any result relevant to expected ones.I do not know where I am wrong.Can anyone help me.I will really appreciate this.
yes, it is possible. The basic circuit consists of 2 nor gates and a row of inverters for delay. I do not have a picture at hand, look in any book about SC-filters (i.e. the chapter in Davis&Martin).
Vsw1 is connected to a nor gate input which then ouputs to the base of a transistor through 100k resistor. Comment as shown in figure.
Hello laoya82, Do you know the method of follow a wall ever keeping it at your right (or left)?? It is not general (fails if you start in an island of the maze, for example) nor efficient, but is very simple. Hope this helps.
A FPGA is a collection of different types of cells/ and/nanad/or/nor/not/flip flops. You get a fixed number of each gate on the die and you program the wiring of these gates with your FPGA software. FPGAs are limited in their speed and usually can not work faster than 150mhz in practice. One other drawback of FPGA is that they are very (...)
Using OpenGL I can draw a 3D Cube. There are some reasons that I must display a hidden line as a discontinuous line. 3D Cube is just an example. Actually, the object I must display is more complicated. Does OpenGL have any commands that help me to do that? Or I have to find an algorithm? I do not know neither OpenGL commands nor algorithm. Pleas
If you will not use Flip-flops with pass gates it should be OK. Simple logic like invertor, nand and nor can operate may be less than 1V (depends threshold voltages).
:oops: Howdy, I'm not very bright when it comes to electronics I guess. I build my own computers for the grandkids, but can barely make this "receiver" make noise (actually, it works fine with my mismatched speakers in "TV Sound") but I cant figure out the radio, nor why the rear speakers are so much quieter. I found a site that is linked to he
.. except that you don't have the source nor the hex file to program the pic... except it's an 'old' pic quite no more available... not flash programmable... that adaptations have been made by elektroda members to support pic 1684 or 16877 .. if you use or the search in elektroda...

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