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Consider using something like a quad nor (parallel as many as you like for drive - 74ACT02 - with the other input being a RC network with C to 5V, R to GND forming a power-on reset / holdoff. The natural state of the dormant uC + pullup (1) will not energize the FET. There may be some elevated Idd on the 5V-operated logic IC but ought to be toler
The shown circuit (with a PIC driving the LEDs) neither allows 50 mA LED current nor 12V supply voltage for it. But that's not a problem of resistor rating. It's unclear however, which hypothetic design you're referring to. The voltage divider of a LM317 (I won't name it limit resistors) doesn't require a high power rating. The datasheet
when i start Devkit, LCD only displays white sreen......nothing happens further... can anybody give me a pointer to the the actual error or pointer.. plz helpme out... thank you!!!
A center feed obviously does not involve length differences and thus neither a circular nor linear polarisation in the patch plane, just an omnidirectional radiation pattern and polarisation normal to the plane. To generate circular polarisation, you'll need some kind of asymmetry in the patch design.
Question is not clear. In CML, the structure for OR,AND,nor and NAND are same. Only the way in which the inputs and complementary inputs are connected and the way output is taken, decides the function. The PMOS diodes PM1 and PM2 should be much weaker than rest of the devices
The calculation of 1st stage cut-off frequency is incorrect. The effective high-pass resistor is 500k rather than 1 M. High-pass cut off frequencies of a few hertz are neither reasonable for a microphone nor a guitar amp. If the sound signal is speech only, it can be raised to e.g. 100 or 200 Hz. And about your 2nd question: what is yo
Wether your power drives the said load, depend purely on what the load consumes. When you use a 9Vpp3 battery, you may use LM7805 which will drop the 9 volts to 5V and then drive all mentioned except the motor. I am not sure about its consumption. Any how running the motor and microcontroller on the same supply is nor recommended. Cheers
Dear Googler You have said that you have standard cell. Do you have Liberty file (.lib) prepared for synthesis tools and ... or you have spice netlist of all cells such NAND ,nor, INV , .... ? If you have The spice netlists, The transistor sizes and structures of each cells are clear. But if you have a .lib File, The file has not the information ab
Hi, I am using st micro controller (spear300) . While reading data from nor flash ( M25p40 ) data is 0xFF Write operation is not working at all . Read Device id and Read electronic signature is working fine What will be the reason for read and write operation ...? please help me . Thanks Rajx:shock:
You have not specified any parameters of the frequency-modulated signal, nor of the modulating signal. If you already have a frequency synthesizer, you could modulate its frequency by applying the modulating signal to the control bits of the synthesizer. If you want to keep the synthesized carrier and apply a frequency modulation to it, then you c
Reference PIC18F2455/2550/4455/4550 Data Sheet, pg 128, Section 11.2 Timer0 Reads and Writes in 16-Bit Mode TMR0H is not the actual high byte of Timer0 in 16-bit mode. It is actually a buffered version of the real high byte of Timer0 which is not directly readable nor writable (refer to Figure 11-2). TMR0H is updated with the contents of t
I am sorry to say it is the worst situation that WE DO not KNOW THE HELP SEEKER'S LOCATION. And if in your situation, you live in USA and I give you the supplier location in China, I do not think this is feasible at any cost. And neither my help will be beneficial nor your query will help you. Anyways here you
I have done custom modem hookups between computers, and I have gotten hardware and software to work together. I have not worked with a uart chip, nor with the programming language used in your code. Questions that might help: Have you tried lower transfer speeds? Get it working at 300 baud, then work your way up to the faster speeds? I
You are, maybe, trying to install wrong library i.e. schematic library in pcb editor or vice versa, or a library that is not for P99SE. As of Win7, can't help you. I run P99SE on XP machine which is dedicated to my electronic stuff and even have no access to the internet nor my LAN.
first of all 1. dont use sms format of typing in this forum, if you wish to get help here.... this is not your mobile phone and nor you are sending sms... you have come here to ask for help then the forum expects some sort of discipline... spend time to type the words properly.. coming to your question. do you plan to use a readymade water leve
Hi Newbie question: What are logic markers? How do they work? In my little understanding, they stop the clock propagation. How can a logic gate (like nor gate) stop the propagation of clock? Will the clock not still propagate? -thanks
Perhaps the correct answer is not included in the four options you give, nor is the question completely clear. I think, you shouldn't put too much into the simple question. Because A to B are obviously wrong and C absurd, only D can be meant. Furthermore, the answer is correct at least for some dopants.
Big or Little Endian is always Processor-specific. Neither the OS nor the Kernel has any part to do with Endian.
Hi, What version of MPLAB IDE are you currently running? Update it regularly. Unfortunately, you are correct the MPLAB does not support programming the PIC16F57, the PICkit 2 Programmer utility or similar program must be used. The PIC 16F54 has no built-in debugging capabilities, therefore neither the PICkit 2, PICkit 3, ICD2 nor ICD3 suppor
There are companies offering complete solutions, but they are expensive. One of such companies utilizes cell phones with an adapter; this can be your solution. You have not specified the data rate you want to transmit, nor over what terrain type, and other features needed to design a link for you.