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hi i want to calculate core loss in buck inductor(powder core).but this core is in dc bias condition and in datasheet there is "peak ac flux density vs core loss"curve. i calculate B for inductor by this formula B=N*I/R*A.but can i use that curve to calculate core loss?if not how can i calculate core loss?
Hi, We have a DC motor which has a specification as follows Rated Voltage : 90V Rated current : 2.8A Starting current : 45A This will be running using a brused dc motor controller Can anyone tell me an smps or an industrial converter from which i can get 90V DC. In normal cases we are buying directly from SMPS manufacturers like Meanwell
Hi, I used a controller dsPIC33FJ16GS504 for on gird solar-microinverter, in my hardware part when I applied input (24-dc battery not a solar panel), also connect lamp of 300 W as a load, and applied a grid to the output side as per given in document (for detail microchip document AN1444). I also read a procedure to start hardware. As per proce
Sorry, my ignorance. But the error doesn't seem to be specific for missing synthesis support.
I am not talking about waveforms. Apparently you have been talking about waveforms: The voltages of graph 1 and 2 doesn't look right. Why? Anyway, I guess we should ignore the inrush current point for the time being. O.K., actually 50 kHz. But there can be no SPWM then, just 50 kHz square wave. This simplifies th
What are sequence to initialize HD44780 display device ? . are given in page 42 to initialize in 4 bit mode but the table it seems confusing me 1. Display clear 2. Function set: 3. Display on/off control: 4.
Hi, I have an AC source where I want to connect it to LTC1966 to measure RMS voltage. 1. I am not getting the expected output. Can I use a battery (5V) as the supply voltage and connect my AC source to IN1 and IN2 of LTC1966 (no common gr
Common circuit i have seen but never thought let us say two power sources 10v and 5v in series with 5 ohm resistor in between. The current is 1amp, the net power by 10v source is 10w delivered but for the second source it is 5watt absorbed. The 5v being source how it can absorb ? I understand the resistor will dissipate what about source ?
I want to design an underwater optical communication system with high speed and bandwidth to show the effects of absorption, scattering and turbulence. I need ideas on the circuit design for the transmitter and receiver. I would also need to simulate it on Optisystem and Matlab. I need ideas on how to simulate the processes on these programs. Thank
hello, I'm simulating one PA using HB simulator in ADS and |S11|<-15dB. I check the fundamental power in line V1 as shown in the schematic. Well, the power of V1 is even bigger than the input power. If an ideal isolator is inserted, the power of V1 equals the input power. My question is under the condition of |S11|<-15, why Power(V1)>input power? t
Page 6 and 7 of the attached document, the figure 6C is a variable phase shifter (90 degrees). Do the shunt capacitors need to be tuned at the same capacitance value both or it can be different?
I am trying to get communication output for CAN protocol. I am using CAN Engine MCP2518FD and CAN Trans-receiver as ATA6561. I couldn't been able to get the output. I have done many projects successfully using CAN protocol but previously I have used CAN Engine MCP2515 and MCP2551 as trans-receiver. I am not able to find out whether I am missing som
Hey guys! This is my first circuit I build, so please bear with me. I made a prototype for a dynamic mic amplifier on a transistor and LM386 which contains a transformer and 4 electrolytic capacitors (and some others for bypassing and filter - 1n , 100n). Electrolytic ones are 100 uF and 220 uF 16V. The source voltage is 9V. The prototype
After purchasing Samsung TV, I enjoyed watching live tv but suddenly spectrum error code RGE-1001 starts to appear, Initially, I checked all the internet connections and fix it but starts to appearing again.
hi guys i am using stm32f429 In my application I need to provide clock input to a AC Servo Drive. i must generate a pulse and control frequency and number of pulse. i am going to control frequency from 1Hz to 200KHz (with 1Hz Resulotion) and control number of Pulse between 1 Pulse to 4294967296 Pulse (a 32 bit variable). i use timer 1 in pwm m
Hi Guys, When I disassemble a machine "made in China", it has a AC/DC module low-power ( I guess it's 12V/1A output). I observe these design and discover something weird. It has (look like) the tuning traces and serial with MOV. MOV'name is "vdr 10d561k" As in my picture below. It is connected directly to 220VAC input before come into capac
hello everyone, GND vias are usually arranged in a row to isolate signals from both sides as shown in the figure below. I'm curious how to access the isolation effects. there are many papers that draw the EM fields with and without the isolation vias but still not analyzed in quantity. Is there any better ways? thanks for your response.
Hi, - I put the same clock pulse for 74LS164 and 74LS166. This is not wired in your schematic. And ... does this fit to the "one wire" requirement? How do you synchronize '164 and '166. I know in a simulation environment there is no risk to get out of sync, but in real world it will happen. But maybe this does not need to be solve
i need 0-2-1-3-2-4-3-5-4-6-5-7-6-8-7-9 JK FF truth table. Please help
Hi, The attached is a Flyback with vin = 400V (post PFC bus) and vout = 4.5v and iout = 13A. Its power factor corrected because its for lighting. The loads are multiple single LED linear current regulators. The synchronous FET is needed due to the high current. There is secondary side overcurrent sensing with latch off. A microcontroller is t