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Hi all Ers. I'm interfacing Macronix Mx29LV640BT 8MB Flash with my 8051 core MCU. I had some clarifications on that. Is any body have such a above experience? and i expect your sharings. I written C code by reading the datasheet of Flash IC, but its not able to accessed. Is there any other way to write or read Flash IC via MCU? Thanks
Hi, it is known that the metal surface is reflecting the electromagnetic wave , my question is: is there any relation between the skin effect phenomena and reflection factor. i remember if i can make a metal foil with depth less that certain value the electromagnetic signal will be not reflected nor penetrated ? am i right ?
MOSFETs are often used "switching" - they are on or off and not in between. When they are on the resistance is very low so power dissipation is small. e.g. if 1A is passing through it but the on resistance is 0.1 ohms then the power is only 0.1W. If the MOSFET is used "in between" i.e. neither on nor off then there could be a large voltage and c
1, USB device interface, without driver and CD-ROM disk. application at Windows xp/vista, MAS operation system. 2, The AUTOPLAY AP can be loaded in SPI flash, not nor/NAND flash, reduce cost. When the Capacity of flash is under 8M bytes, It combin usb hid class without hub. Such as MOUSE/Keyboard add mass stroage
For EM-411 globalsat gps module Problem: ---------- * GPS module not responding. * LED indicator is giving a weak illumination (neither constant STRONG red nor flashing). * GPS need RESET. Solution: ---------- I have been f*** until I found the solution from another guy on another forum. There are 2 small ''
it's a nor flash type
There is one commercial fab in Australia and it is not large, nor especially advanced. Its business picture seems somewhat questionable to me. But the beaches are supposedly quite nice.
... i change the W/L again to set the rise/fall time equal,but find that the cross point of input and output is far away from 0.6v. So,which method should i adopt? The latter method, if you want equal rise/fall times. It's not necessary (nor possible) to get a mid cross point in this case, as the threshold voltages of both FE
no - I already searched for them for a while but it's not been published yet (nor stolen..)
The purpose of Drive Image 7 is to save a complete image of a drive, which can be restored in full or one file at a time. Drive Image 7 is not meant to copy a drive to another one (for that you can look at PowerQuest's Drive Copy), nor to backup individual files or directories (such as NTI Backup) .. Rgds, IanP
Try to convert your bytes from 8-bit integer to 1-character string. In VB6 it would be Chr(iYourInteger) . The string will not be human-readable neither as decimal nor as hex.
Hi people, I want to pull the PEX data from the SVDB (from its PDB part) through the query server, exactly as the RVE is doing that in the function View -> Net Parasitics.. (mainly the coordinates, you know...) Does anyone have an experience with that? No help in xrc nor query docs... Thanks Pavel
You can't. HFSS does not give you this information nor allow you to specify what modes to be input to the port.
hello, I guess you need to be more specific in your question. That is, do you want to use OP-AMP in your circuit, or is it a transistors only circuit? if OP-AMP can be used, then use it for that purpose. Using an Op-AMP will make work very easy for you, as you will not consider the circuits behind nor infront the operational amplifier, since i
You are not specific on the current that you need, nor the impedance that you are driving. I wrote an article on generating AC currents aimed at a high current and low frequency application. The frequency is merely a function of the magnetics so you may be able to adapt it. The article is here
Dear frnd , can any one help me out in synthesizing a ckt using only nand nor and not gate. i am using desing vision tool for logic synthesis. "Keep posting in forum and enhance your output...................." Jaynarayan...
As far as i know, sensitivity does not change the hardware nor it infers a hardware. Its just a way to start evaluating a logic. Hope it helps
HI EVERY BODY, i am working with PIC 18F4620; can any body send the HEADER files for interfacing the 4*3 keypad. presently I am using KDB.C header of CCS compailer. But it is not working with neithe PORT-B nor PORT-D. ***************************************** this is my header /////////////////////////////////
Hi i am using wiznet module in my 8051 controlle board, i want software for client TCP/IP c code , can any one send me that, i do not want Loop test code , already i test with loop test it working, with that code i am not in a position to send receive and send data to my pc appilcation nor with Hyperterminal can any one give idea?
Are these and, nor gates which are not LUTs are realized by CMOS? Yes