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Hello! I have not used an oscilloscope since school, 20 years ago. I got a Kikusui cos2020 from a friend without any probes. Would be fun to use and learn with. But which probes should I buy? I was think about geting some cheap ones, but don't know if it's the right ones. P6060 probes from ali: Specificatio
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Im trying to extract ancillary data based on their DID/SDID. Ancillarya data is found in video data, and is serial data. The ancillary data follows the protocol SMPTE 291M Format -> FLAG1 -> FLAG2 -> FLAG3 -> DID-> SDID -> DC ->UDW-> CS DID/SDID - DATA id DC -> no of UDW UDW -> user data words (0 to 255) CS -> Error
I have bought PYNQ Z1. But when I try to download the image in order to work/experiment, it goes me to the Xilinx site. I am not going to buy it, I want to work for personal use/hobby. I found Avnet Ultra96-V2: v2.5 PYNQ image, I downloaded and flashed it to the microSD. I booted the PYNQ Z1 and nothing seems to work. What do I do wrong?
Hi guys, Can anybody tell me what's this configuration please? I have found this strange configuration on a strange circuit & i need to know what's the purpose of that? 157021
Hello, I am simulating the slew rate of fully differential OTA. I have a problem with making buffer using resistive network, first I can't choose small value of R because this will kill the gain of the OTA, secondly if I use a big resistors it creates in conjunction with the input MOSFET a pole at low frequency that disturb the stability of my a
Hello everyone. Recently i simulated a structure using the CST microwave studio and took the s parameters from it, exported them as touchstone file and placed them inside a snp item in the schematic. This snp file has two ports only because my structure in cst had two ports only and i will work with S11,S21,S22 and S12 parameters. What i want to do
Hello, I am trying to simulate a square wave with 555. It works ok if i power the circuit with DC, but when i try to power from a rectified ac voltage source, 50hz, it does not work anymore. I tried with Sine wave AC voltage source, also with Alternator, with or without transformer, with generic bridge rectifier or with 4 diodes, nothing works
Hi Folks, I am looking for a working micromaster / speedmaster / epmaster LV48 by ICE Technology, with or without PSU. OK, so they are antiques, but so are the chips that need to be tested. Or, does someone have a way to make their GLV-32 run the "chiptest" routine for 74/4000 series logics, as it does not seem to be an available option on t
Hi all, I have a 12V-1 Amp SMPS design which i assembled it using through hole components. all the resistor are in 1/4 watts, zener diode are in 1/2 watts. (Circuit Attached) but now the same SMPS Design i converted in SMD Package (only Resistors and diode in 1206 package, and rest of all are still in through hole package) so now when i ON the
Hello i wish all the board a merry christmas i need some help regarding if someone have the correct PCB size or and original one . i need to me this lpf filter please need the correct size if possible thanks . elenos low pass filter
Can this machine create more energy than consumed? If you why & if not why not? An energy design that may lead us to tomorrow SeasEngine design-potential Following is the process- At 18 ATM, 594 feet down, the balloon is injected with air that is compressed to 36 cubic feet. At 15 ATM that same 36 cubic feet will expand to 108 CF At 12 ATM
Hi the manual for the Yaesu FT-101 says it expects a high impedance dynamic microphone. The schematic is attached. Now I have a dynamic hand mike and when I measure the resistance of the mike element it shows 500 Ohms. Is it considered a low impedance capsule or high? In any case, can I use it with this rig? I suspect there will be no real proble
I have an OPAMP with very large input impedance and very small output impedance. not actually very small output impedance. Your two stage amplifier is missing a dedicated output buffer. If we don't consider the miller capacitor, the output is rather a current than a voltage source. Nevertheless you'll achieve a low closed loop
Hi, I am doing power amplifier design and got this warning message during the simulation. However, the simulation result is ok. But, I am worry about the measurement results after fabrication. As message mention about the dimension limitations of microstrip. Thank you 156993
Hi, Your code example makes no sense. I can not see wow it follows figure6 of the datasheet. Klaus oh sorry it should be 0xD0 if you seen I am just focusing my attention on function flow. please ignore them for now. I'll fix them later start(); // start communication stop(); // stop
Hi, The inductance of the spiral coil obtained is 96.0429nH. The capacitance & Resistor i have defined using lumped port is -6.1 ohm and 50 ohm. . But resonance is not acheived. The graph of S11 is attached here.
Isolation between AGND and DGND in the 100 MHz or even GHz range isn't but an illusion. It neither works on the PCB level, because the planes are coupled planar structures nor on the chip level, because both are implemented on a common substrate, either directly connected on chip or maximal isolated by a diffusion well. Separated grounds serve a
I am using DSP controller TMS320F28069 to make my own development launchpad Board. I have used the reference of XDS100V2 Jtag Schematics to design my on-board programmer in that development board. I have printed the PCB but when I went to program my controller via on-board Programmer, my code composer studio stuck everytime I tried to program the c
Hi, Is Proteus still the best advanced microcontroller simulator to date? I would like to run simulations on an ARM-based MCU specifically by TI. If not, what is your suggestion/recommendation to simulate ARM-based MCUs? Thanks
How to make 3 forward 2 back counter cİrcuİt ? Please help me ...