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Thanks for the useful reply! One more question, should I connect to a pullup- resistor (If yes, how can I calculate resistor value?) or just directly connect is okay? A direct connection to 24V would burn out the transistor switch. normal use is 10mA or 2.2k to 2.4k in series to 24V if desired. with < 0.8V when th
Hi, I have been working in hardware board design since from last 3 years and now wish to switch to embedded software because i have very much interest in software development. But i am not getting how to start learning new skills. Please guide me if anybody knows good online resource so that i can learn coding Thank you, Ghana_
Hello, On my custom designed PCB, I use a STM32F7 processor. I control a SPST switch with TIM ISR. I establish a serial interface with SPI2 for a DAC control. Also I have an external ADC which is controlled with SPI4 DMA mode. Now I call the SPST and DAC control commands with TIM ISR. For the ADC, I call the SPI DMA function in main.c file. The
I am designing linear power amplifier for cell phone, all of our PAs (L/M/HB) need 2nd harmonic termination to get good linearity and PAE. Removing the 2nd harmonic termination degrades performance a lot no matter how we tune it. However I know that removing the harmonic termination while maintaining the performance is possible. Does anyone here kn
can anyone provide any design reference or method to achieve a 23 dBi gain at 2.4 GHz? thanks in advance
I tried to search on Google with key word "usb c power delivery ic". There is many result from many brand :ST, Microchip, TI.. so, what is the special in your requirement ? I tried to explain my requirement but if it is not clear, again: Most of the USB C PD ICs didn't have any microcontroller to be programmend
How is clk_dcc generated from the following phase detect circuitry
Ive been tasked with trying to replace a surface mount diode. normally this wouldn't be an issue but I'm having issues finding any sort of data sheet for it. The only thing I have is this picture of the diode which has B I on the top row of text, and 2 9 on the bottom row. 155709 Can someone shed some light on this f
After a frantic search to realize sine/cosine functions in analog, I came across the patent reference . Can anybody explain , how the linear approximation was arrived? (refer page 10)
Hi We are looking at Page 7 of SPD03N60C3 MOSFET datasaheet..... What is the VGS voltage when the ID current is 2A and the temperature is minus 40 degrees C? Also?why is the tolerance limits not shown on the ID vs VGS graph in top left?.......if you look at the VGS(th) vs temp graph at top right, there is a big tolerance there?surely this tol
Hi, notSam. Thank you for your response. Since when I use the command 'setOpCond' it reports the error: **ERROR: (IMPSYC-6137): Command 'setOpCond' is obsolete as the software moves to using Multi-Mode/Multi-Corner (MMMC) architecture for design import. Operating conditions must be set using the -opcond and -opc
Port refinement, process hf3d error: Waveport s is internal to solution domain comes up when I try to analyze this design. Any suggested adjustments be made? 156907
We moved from Encounter to Innovus and I am trying to modify the .tcl script which was used for Encounter. The script for Encounter is: clockDesign \ -specFile Clock.ctstch \ -outDir $rpt_dir/clock_report \ -fixedInstBeforeCTS The script above could not be run by Innovus and reported error: [
Hi guys, I am working on a project, developing controller for BLDC motor which is almost completed. The bldc motor is working fine and smoothly at no load condition even at load condition after the motor starts moving. Here the problem comes in when the motor is accelerated from a rest state to running state it produces noise but after that, i
I am here to to discuss one of my problems that I am currently facing. So I was working on a project in which I wanted to create a bluetooth talking device for helmets. Recently I have noticed that China is making the most helmet intercoms and they are selling them at a very huge price. My aim is to make a version which will last long, will have bi
Hi! my name is Mariah and I am studying CSE as major. So I came here to talk about something that I have been thinking for a long time. I have two things in my mind. Please let me discuss them widely. I want to build a system which will allow me to control every single component in my room with my voice. I know that it has already been made and
What is the technical reason which the scope probes are derated with frequency? This is a generic probe from TPI, but have seen the same behavior on other brands, too
Hi all, I was just wondering what are the proper analyses for a wideband amplifier, assuming a large signal is applied at the input. Analog designers usually use "ac" analysis for small signals. Yet, "hb" and "pss" analysis can be used, they require port and matching the signal at the input/output, am I right? It is just not clear to me wh
Hi, Gurus, I found a MIC circuit, which convert the single ended MIC signal to diff-MIC signals. I simulated it in ADS, and found the results are weird. The following pictures are the TD response & FD response, who can comment the problem of this circuits? Thanks. Tony Liu
Hello, Actually I refer a microchip document AN1444, in this document (document page no 15) I studied topic ?AC CURRENT SENSE CIRCUITRY?. I upload that circuit with equation. First stage of circuit is differential amplifier, second stage is non-inverting amplifier and last stage is use-full for limiting a voltage in range of 3.3 V. In equation (