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Hi Guys I want to know about the operating of IGBT. Does it is same as i mentioned in diagram or this will not be the scenario IGBT # is 10-FY12NMA160SH01-M820F18 156779156780 if not then what would be the flow? Thanks and best regards
Hi I want to build a power meter for 1-30MHz) that can be able to measure down to -100dbm. I am thinking of using the mar8 in series with the ad8307. Is the preamplifier part ok (bias resistors and choke)? I put a preamp input 50R shunt to ensure good match at all frequencies, is what I have done ok?
I need to work on a project where the microcontroller should: 1-)Read three voltage outputs of an accelerometer 2-)Log the data to an SD card 3-)Send the logged data to cloud by intervals via a GPRS module The requirements are to make it cheap and most importantly low power. I will have enough time for this I guess. But since there are zil
Values read for unconnected (floating) ADC inputs are meaningless. You can either connect known DC voltage for test or just ignore these values. Check the values for ADC0 input connected to sensor.
Hi, I have a fsdb file. I am converting it to vcd with the fsdb2vcd command. I am opening the vcd file with the simvision tool and the tool converts it to .trn and .dsn However when I open the database I can only see the wave values. I cant access the source code or the schematics of the simvision tool (these options are usually available when
* Try attaching a pulp or pull-down resistor where you see noise at a terminal. 1 Mohm is a reasonable value to start. Don't make it low enough to affect operation. * Check where sensor wires are high impedance. Ambient mains hum may be present in the troublesome house. If mains hum reaches high impedance wiring, the wiring picks it up like an a
Dear friends, I am trying to design a floded cascode OTA for the sample and hold circuit that should work with sampling frequency of 5 MHz, this requires me to have an OTA with a typical GBW of 100 MHz. I am using 0.35 um CMOS technology with channel length I st for all the transistors to 1 um. The problem I am finding it very difficuilt to a
Hi, I am designing the PCB layout but some number of components forming the group. I can't able to use this component. I am not able to pick a single component. I have attached the problem image below. Anybody give me the solution for this problem...?156755
Are there software that allow you to simulate the charge distribution in the semiconductors? I general, are there software that allow to simulate behave of different combination of semiconductor?
At test with no load the converter not work. Sometimes a load is needed in order to get any sort of normal operation. Try a resistive load whose value draws 5 or 10 percent of your intended current.
Hello, I need to calculate the CANH to CANL capacitance in following circuit. 156753 In the datasheet of the device the CAN input differential capacitance (Cdiff) is given as 10pF and additionally CANH and CANL (Ci) input capacitance is given as 20pF. e.g
I made a helicail coil and have about 250 turns, how can i made it to be natural resonance?
Is it possible to reduce leakage current by applying Vgs=negative (NMOS transistor) instead of Vgs=0? I notice in my simulation that at negative Vgs the leakage current is lower and it is proportionally lower the more negative the Vgs. What is the relationship between leakage current & Vgs (negative)? Are there plot or formula I can look into fo
Could anyone advise about the verilator width warnings below ? verilator -Wall --lint-only in_buf_load.v %Warning-WIDTH: in_buf_load.v:35: Operator ADD expects 12 bits on the LHS, but LHS's VARREF 'idx_n' generates 9 bits. %Warning-WIDTH: Use "/* verilator lint_off WIDTH */" and lint_on around source to disable this message. %Warning-W
A thyristor can be modelled as two transistors that keep each other saturated. This can't happen if you replace one of the transistors with a diode. A thyristor is not an arbitrary PNPN structure. If it was that simple, you could create a thyristor by connecting two normal diodes in series.
Hello experts! I am trying to build a simple rectenna system on a flexible board to turn on an LED. I started off with ADS simulation, followed by PCB fabrication on conventional FR4 board. Till here, everything worked fine and the LED turned on at 2~3 meters away from the transmitting antenna. However, if I move the circuit to a flexible b
Hi, I want to use pcb relay to control(on/off) the submersible motor-pump of 5 hp with MCU control. for that, efficiency = 85%, pf=80%, at 230v, the Continuous current(I) will be, Input=o/p / efficieny = 5/0.85 = 5.8 ==6 hp x 746 =4.476 kw. I= 4.476/(230x0.8) = 25A running current. --As the starting Amp of an Induction motor are 3 to
Hi, I am designing the PCB layout but some number of components forming the group. I can't able to use this component. I am not able to pick a single component. I have attached the problem image below. Anybody give me the solution for this problem...? 156751
I once installed Linux on my Compaq laptop (to a re-formatted hd). Things worked to the point where I saw the desktop open and appeared normal. However it froze when I tried to open any application. I had to fall back to Win XP. Message boards spoke of needing correct Linux drivers for all devices in a computer. I took that to be a plausible expla
156744 Hi, For a typical double balanced Gilbert cell, how to match the RF input to 100 ohm? The zero frequency input impedance should be infinity. Even when frequency increases, the input impedance doesn't change significantly at sub-6GHz range. I understand that inductive degeneration can help with input-match