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hi everyone. Please help me in getting radiation patterns. I have simulated UWB monopole patch antenna with CPW feed. I got the S11, VSWR etc but antenna is not giving the radiations. there is no radiation on radiation. can any one suggest me a solution? is there a problem with boundary conditions, Port or anything else?
Welcome FIqbal, I can't see your attached images, but if you're still having problems, either your setup is not the same as your fabricated system, or the simulation isn't sufficiently converged (even at 0.01). I would try over-converging the simulation a few more passes and seeing if anything changes. Good luck.
The discrete sweep will always be more accurate. If you still get two different data for separate discrete sweeps, your simulation is likely not converged enough.
If your system is passive and linear there is no physical reason for S11 to be larger than 1. Your simulation is most likely not sufficiently converged. If you see this in measurement, your calibration is incorrect or you need a new analyzer.
Hi all, I'm having some difficulties simulating an amplifier driving a series RLC load. I'm doing large sweeps of bias and phase, and am exporting the datasets to MATLAB for processing, so I need all the sweep points to work. To be brief, I'm always having trouble either accuracy or convergence. I've found that if I use gear2only as my solver, I ge
Hi, I have created a downconverter with dsp.DigitalDownConverter System object but got this warning: The filter design has not converged. Try increasing the passband ripple value, or d
Hi zam_nmn, I'm not sure what you're asking, are you inquiring as to how to make the geometry in HFSS?
I'm a begginer in using HFSS. I'm trying to design a rectangular patch antenna on silicon substrat. I don't know how much size must be the ground plane(my patch size is about 1mm^2)(for each ground plane size simulation, i obtained differenst results for S11). In simulation , an error message appears" Adaptive Passes did not converge base
I?m simulation a Grounded CPW in HFSS v13 and getting invalid results near 15GHz. 109384 notE: Solid lines are simulation results, dotted lines are measured results in the lab. I assigned waveport width to 4xLineWidth, waveport height to 4xDielectricHeight Simulation specifies "not converged" Any suggestions are
In HB analysis, there is an option called as TAHB ( Transient Assisted Harmonic Balance). Use this option if your oscillator seems to be not working. But there are some other options to make the oscillators converged in HB controller.Read a bit help of ADS. Check the Loop Gain and Phase by using OscPort on an appropriate path to be sure that Closed
Hi aniakhan, From what I can tell of your description, it sounds like you continued doing adaptive passes in your simulation from where you left off the first time. If this is the case, it means that your simulation was not adequately converged after the first round of adaptive passes.
TOSA_Model_1 (E:/Ansoft/HFSSUserGuide/TOSA_Model/) TOSA_Model Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. Fast sweep setup, process abc3d : The frequency specified for this problem is too low. The solution may not be converged. Check the frequency and the material properties for this problem.
hello, i am simulating the crystal oscillator (RLC model) phase noise. I setup pss analysis, use initial current 10uA in inductor model of crystal (19.2MHz), tstab=200n, etc, result=pss not converged, therefore the simulator keep modifying tstab and try again and again.. never converged. I also tried HB engine (tstab=0, osc init (...)
Are you sure there is nothing connected at P or Q other than what you have depicted? It should not happen that the V/I across the resistor R is not equal to R........
My first thought is that you may not be converged. Let it run more iterations. You may also need to increase the mesh on and in the airbox.
My first suspicion would be that the model was not sufficiently converged and that the mesh might bee too sparse at the interface to the background. You may need to do some manual seeding to increase the density.
one thing may affect the accuracy of predicting resonant frequency is the Automatic Edge Cells (AEC). If you do not enable AEC or the AEC parameters are too far away from the range, the results may not be converged and the resonant frequency may change with different meshings. Regards.
my hfss is not currently working. you can also ask at
When the circuit is not converged in spice or ADS, the nodeset command could be used to help to solve the problem. I want to know whether there is a similiar commnd in spectra. Thanks in advance!
The use of different setups is a good way. If the solution plots are not continuous, this means, that your tolerated error is too large. In this case you must increase the number of converged passes or minimum passes. Increasing this step by step you will see how the plots become nicer. Of course the simulation time rises with every pass, but you