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Hi all! I have design with clock multiplexers and clock gating cells. I'm using Cadence RC compiler for synthesis. After synthesis, i need to simulate resulting netlist with SDF file using ncsim. When i run the simulation, i see that clock mux and gating cell delays are not '0'. How to get an SDF file with excluded clock (...)
For (0,1) I get that 1st TG is open and the 2nd TG is closed. Didn't you note that the 2nd pair is driven by S'0, but not S0 ?
I'd have to check the synthesis results, but I think the char : char + 1; might result in an implementation where the select to the multiplexer is a register (char) followed by an add by 1 before being used to select the mux output. not an optimal circuit for performance, this is a direct result of using a variable as it is evaluated immedia
If you need priority use "if-else" else use "Case". "if-else" is not same as "Case", not sure why the synthesis result is the same. ads-ee explained in post #4 why "if-else" is exactly the same under the given conditions. If you read the explanation, which part is wrong in your view? For which value of sel do you expect different Y
Hi All, I am new to the frontend. My expertise lies mostly in the back end . I am trying my hand at verilog coding and simulations using ncvim. Some how I a not able to dump a proper vcd file to view in simvision. Can someone please help me to figure out the issue. This is the content of a simple mux ( file my_mux.v) (...)
Indeed, interesting experiment. But I don't think the results would be consistent or reliable. not a good engineering practice, if this design becomes a "real" product.
Hi, If you are using EM keypad, you need the coding circuitry for that I think. But if you are going to implement it in FPGA you can use simple push button keys and connect them to a mux and AND gate Circuit. A 4:1 mux can be used for 4 digit code. AND gate is for detecting if any key is pressed or not. Select line of the (...)
You only switch the 1x2 mux to select the appropriate device so it only takes one operation each time a selection is made, the I2C traffic isn't affected. I susect the real answer to the question is you select a different address using the hardwired address pins on the IC though, almost all, if not all, I2C devices have selectable address (...)
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module Sim 900 and GPS Module Holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a proper voltage 4.9 is (...)
Hello All, I have a design..I am trying to insert dft in the netlist.. I am using Synopsys DC Compiler with DFT Compiler from synopsys. I am using the full scan mux-d style.I want to know that what are the main reasons for not stitching the some flops which are already converted to scan flops after compile -scan. I (...)
Hi All, Is there anyone know, how to make the XOR gate using only one 2:1 mux. This is a question asked by an interviewer. If we have a not gate and a 2:1 mux then we can make it easily, but how we can make hte same with only 2:1 mux
This is a simple asynchronous mux, so why not replace the process in nuxtwo with the single line: cout <= m when o = 0 else n; ?
we can use any number of and,not gates
It's not possible, because FPGA have pure digital IOs, that can't be used as analog switches.
It's a simple 5-channel mux, I don't see a particular problem related to the loop scheme. You can also enroll the loop, use a generate statement or rewrite it like this: FPGA_TO_HOST_TX_O <= UUT_TO_FPGA_RX_I OR not CONNECT_I; FPGA_TO_UUT_TX_O <= HOST_TO_FPGA_RX_I OR not CONNECT_I;
Hi sujan, check the recieving part of your it the same you are using or not. I had faced the same problem but i dit it atlast. Better you add your circuit and program till then nobody will come to know where you are facing the Problem.
Both node outputs K & D (as well as nodes H & S) seem to be unused, i.e. not connected to any input? Should only be a warning.
Can any Boolean functions be realized by 2--1 multiplexers & why can or why can not???Can anybody help me...?:-( ..... Thanks!!!:smile:
Hi This is what I'm trying to achieve : 62209 I need your advice for the "Selector" in the above circuit. I need something with a) low resistance (Pref. less than 50 Ohm) b) Commonly available (not the here-today-gone-tomorrow parts) Can anyone suggest something other than a relay(They would take up lot of spac
Hi, Pls any one tell how to calculate the power consumed by the opamp if i am using +15v and -15v supply also.... i m not able find how to calculate the power consumed by analog mux adg508f with supply vdd = +15V and vss = -15V Thanks & regards Rocker