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The debussy fsdb format is a proprietary format from novas. The only open format that I know of is vcd. - Hung
I also faced similar issues with ModelSim for dumping FSDB. Upgraded to the Verdi 2009.01 and corresponding will give you the solution. For me the buses were not dumping, but all the single bit signals were dumping on FSDB. FSDB Dumper version 2008.04 has serious bug in it. Try this -Paul
Hi guys, I am using debussy for view wave form generated by modelsim, but I can not see memory variable. my command is: $fsdbDumpfile("../novas/rtl_sim.fsdb"); $fsdbDumpMemInFile("../novas/mem.list"); $fsdbDumpMem; $fsdbDumpvars; I can see any signal except memory, can you guys who know about this give me an advise.
ya you can do it........but if you have symbol library it will show you at gate level netlist .... what are you doing in RTL you can do iwith Netlist also novas has one more tool.....which called slioti .... which you enable to correlate RTL with Netlist
Help me! I have novas debussy v5.3.09 software but I lost license file. Anyone can give me this file (license)? Regards! Thanks.
Hi everyone! I try to find the altera cycloneII's map or synopsys lib file for generating debussy Symbol file. In the novas homepage, there are a few map files - apex20k, apex20ke, flex10k, max7000. Does Anyone know how to generate symbol of the cycloneii? Hope good reply! Bye!
I wana to install the novas debussy in my Linux system, Could anybody tell me how to install it? thanks~ ^_^
Hi, U can use novas debussy (nTrace) to view ur verilog netlist. Other than this I'm not sure.
debussy/Verdi by novas Systems. Unfortunately, it's not free.
It works fine for me I am using NC-sim ver 5.3-s001.. Using novas Debug Systems with NC-Sim Linking We will use debussy 5.3, LDV 5.0 and SOLARIS2 32bit OS in this example. Other platforms will have similar settings, except for the HP OS, the environment variable is SHLIB_PATH, instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For detailed information please
Procedure for dump fsdb use ModelSim(winnt , verilog) 1.install Modelsim 2.install debussy 3. //add fsdb PLI in your testbench initial begin $fsdbDumpfile("pattern.fsdb"; $fsdbDumpvar(0,pattern); end 4. copy debussy/share/pli/modelsim/novas.dll copy (...)
Procedure for dump fsdb use ModelSim(winnt , verilog) 1.install Modelsim 2.install debussy 3. //add fsdb PLI in your testbench initial begin $fsdbDumpfile("pattern.fsdb"; $fsdbDumpvar(0,pattern); end 4. copy debussy/share/pli/modelsim/novas.dll copy (...)
you need novas pli open modelsim.ini mark ; Veriuser = replace by Veriuser = novas.dll and reference
1 .Mentor DA_IC 2. Synopsys DC 2004.6 3. Mentor Modelsim 6.0 4. novas debussy 5.2V13 5. Mentor HDL Designer 2004.1b 6. HSIM 5.0 7. Spice exploerer 2004 on Mandrake 9.2
To make debussy work with Modelsim,the novas's document tell us that we must add the following code in our simulation code to generate fsdb file: $fsdbDumpfile("reg_bus.fsdb"); $fsdbDumpvars; But the CIC's document point out that this way is only useful under Workstation environment instead of PC environment. So I want to know how to generate f
I finally can let vcs invoke MS VC++ but Why I excute the run command( according to debussy installation guide) vcs -f add4.f +cli+3 -P C:\novas\debussy\share\PLI\vcs\WINNT\ C:\novas\debussy\share\PLI\vcs\WINNT\pli.lib shell32.lib libc.lib where add4.f include two file (...)
I'm using novas nLint 2.1 R15, I also used "nova check", "VN check". Anyone got an idea of which is the best verilog linter?
You must modify the modelsim.ini. Under windows OS: you should find "veriuser" in modelsim.ini file,then delete the ";"and change to :"veriuser = novas.dll ",after you copy this file to modelsim directory /win32. BTW:if you want to modify permanent,you can change the modelsim.ini in modelsim installed directory.or you just change this file in yo
I have Mandrake 9.2 running on the K7VTA3. Mine is also a Fry's combo deal :) No problems running cadence verilog-xl, novas debussy, xilinx ise, etc. In fact, no problems at all. The onboard network, audio, and usb 2.0 are supported. I haven't tweaked or recompiled the kernel. I think it's a great combo deal considering how inexpensive it is
1) Copy "C:\Program Files\Nova$\Debu$$y\share\PLI\modelsim_pli\WINNT\novas.dll" to "C:\Program Files\ModeltechXXX\win32" 2) Add a line to "C:\Program Files\ModeltechXXX\modelsim.ini" after 3) Recreate project