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Hi I have written Matlab script for BPSK modulation. The way my code works is as follow: series of 0 and 1----> nrz data (continuous rectangular pulses with amplitude -1 and 1)--->multiply by carrier----> add noise--> multiply by carrier---> integration--->detection---> Bit Error collection? I would like to know can
i am having problem in plotting the demodulated signal, graph shows nothing, can anyone help.... and further , How to calculate BER? Here is the code...... clear; % Clear all stored variables Ns=100; %Number of data bits data=randint(Ns,1); subplot(3,2,1); stem(data,'filled') title('Samples'); ylim(); nrz=2*data-1;% Converts 0 t
I am working on a senior design project to develop a laser key system. Currently we are directly modulating our laser with the output of a PIC microcontroller (which is a code fragment that is hardcoded). We are outputting this in the nrz(L) standard for binary codes, but we want to modulate this digital signal with a (...)
Hi guys, Is anyone there can guide me or help to generate verilog code for the PRBS 2^31-1 pattern generator of nrz signal. Currently what I have is the PRBS that can generate signal up to 2^23-1 only. I'm not well exposed to the verilog coding, thus seeking the guide from the poeple in this forum. Thanks, suria
plzzz give any article or tutorial covering all the encoding schemes eg nrz, nrzI, nrzL MANCHESTER, DIIFFERENTIAL MANCHESTER BIPOLAR AMI, B8ZS, HDB3 etc
Are you doing this in software or hardware? Encoding a manchester signal is very easy. To encode a nrz signal to a manchester signal, you simply xor the nrz signal with a clock running 2 times the baud clock. For example: 00 00 00 11 11 00 00 --->nrz data 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 --->2x Baud clock 01 01 01 10 10 01 (...)
Hi all, I'm designing a UHF passive RFID tag (Type-B of ISO-18000-6). The date link coding from reader to tag is 40K bps Manchester nrz. The frame contains nine 0-1s preamble preceding the delimitter field and data field. I measure the time durations of high and low signal levels using a LO to estimate the data clock period, then decode the sign
This Logic cannot be implemented in VHDL. VHDL can be used to implement purely digital designs only. nrz to Manchestor code converter requires to be implemented in ANalog..