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Hello everybody, i want to implement a security algorithm for wireless Sensor networks as it is my M-Tech research area. Can anyone help me to select the appropriate tool(simulator) for implementing the same like ns2, OPNET, OMNET++, etc. Kindly help me as soon as possible.. Thanks
Can anybody help me I want to know that can Network simulator 2 (ns2) is support to FTP and CBR Traffic Loads.Kindly provide me link from where I download latest version of ns2 for windows with installing instructions and some tautorials on ns2.
hello... I badly need an opnet model for my 3g/Wifi interworking simualtion. I have to do the same in the ns2 (network simulator). Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated. Please do contact me as soon as possible on my email - Thank You.
Hello Everyone, I am a final year student doing my project in I.I.T.Delhi on snow avalanche detection using wireless sensor network. I have 3 sensor nodes(microphone+signal conditioner+waspmote) which transmit data to a common destination-the 4th node also called collecting unit which collects data from all these 3 nodes through wireless communic
:sad: Hi all, I'm trying to chosen simulator for WiMAX to implement two diffrent subcarriers permutation like PUSC and band AMC , if any one can suggest simulator that capable to implement PUSC and AMC, I heard that ns2 has such code, can any one conform or suggest one, thank you in advance
Pls could come one help me in position in LTE, i look for a simulator i will use for my project to design and simulate positioning /QOS in LTE .ns2 and Opnet..etc which can you recommend?
I am doing masters in Mobile & satellite communication and doing my research on location base services on LTE networks. I am trying to identify the best simulator i can use. I would like to simulate and evaluate the QoS while performing locating.can someone advice me on what simulator to use ns2 or opnet..Thanks
Hello!!! I'm working now on my thesis about handoff simulation between UMTS and Wimax. I use ns2.29 simulator with extension from NIST to use the mobility. I had already wrote a script of the handoff but my problem I don't know how to interpret the trace file generated after the simulation. Thus, if anyone can help me I will be grateful. I am new
while recompiling using make in ns-2.34 i get the following error, what should i do for correcting this. what changes i'v to make in for i in indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/setdest indep-utils/webtrace-conv/dec indep-utils/webtrace-conv/epa indep-utils/webtrace-conv/nlanr indep-utils/webtrace-conv/ucb; do ( cd $i; make
does ns2 supports key exchange in manets. else which simulator suppports it
Hi I'm doing a project in MANET using ns2. can u say me how to run a cc file in ns2.
I want to do Bachelors project in Localization in WSN and want to implement it in any simulator but ns2 is more preferable. any one who can give me idea regarding the project. thanks
you can use ns2 for checking performance of ur wsn ns (simulator) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and u can use picotux linux os for wsn and tinyos is also a good option
Can anyone suggest me which network simulator is best LTE simulation? my BSc project is on multicasting data over LTE network. I previously planned to use opnet but they are taking so much time to process the request that there's a possibility of missing deadline. ite urgently needed. if its available free like ns2 its better.....
hello everyone i m working on Dynamic Source Routing Protocol and my final year BE project is to secure it using Asymmetric encryption . i am facing a lot of problems in simulating routing attacks on DSR in ns2 simulator. I will really be thankful for your help.
i am doing the project on the topic "improving the lifetime of sensor network by power aware routing" by ns2 simulator,please provide the coding for my project as soon as possible...............
can i get the code for olsr protocol for network simulator
please help to decide which simulator suits for VANET. either SUMO or ns2 for designing a routing protocol for vanet.
Hi, I have one doubt r u going to implement this project with the hardware or u r only going to simulate it in a network simulators. If u r doing in hardware means zigbee protocol standard will be the best. Also you can simulate this zigbee protocol in ns2 simulator also. Please find the attached PPT for Wireless sensor networks (...)
reason??? please be comprehensive as i have to purchase opnet since it is not free whereas ns2 is....... p.s any link for opnet modeler for free dload will also be appreciated :)