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Hi! Greetings! I am looking for an online database of NMR (nuclear Magnetic Resonance) files for FID (Free Induction Decay)/ time domain NMR example signals. My aim is to import them to Matlab and to process them for study purpose. Please suggest any freely available online database. Thank and Regards!
Be it a Lithium battery or the nuclear reactor of the latest Russian submarine - you can use any DC power source As long as it produces a DC voltage level that's within the operating range of your RTC. Google "Panasonic battaries" - they make quality products.
Hi every body , I have a problem about nuclear detection radiation . my sensor is RD3024 and the output is pulse . I use ext interrupt of microcontroller to read pulse from sensor . My board include Sim908 module more . When sim908 module dont powrt up, all things are ok . But if i power module sim908 then pulse continuos at output pin althrought
I know they don't (or didn't 15 years ago) teach that it does, but they also don't teach that it does not (15 years ago). Is anyone up to date on this or care to experiment?
It all depends on the environment you are working in. If you are counting people passing a certain spot "high speed" might be the ability to count 10 people per second. If you are counting the particles from a nuclear reaction, the ability to count particles per nanosecond (10^9 particles per second) would "high speed". In general, the transition
i am working on destributed detection of a nuclear radio active source using fusion of correlated descisions in that i want to plot probability of detection versus probability of false alarm, but i cant get success in coding in matlab....please help me...
We are in the field of providing ?Designing, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Erection of ?Process Automation Systems? for nuclear Power Generation, Atomic Research Centre, Speciality Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, and CNG/LPG/Water Pipe Line Projects on Turnkey Basis. We (Two Directors) are operating this business since 1990. We h
Hi, 1u,The unified atomic mass unit, is defined to be: "one twelfth of the mass of an unbound neutral atom of carbon-12 in its nuclear and electronic ground state"(from OK, so C12 has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. so: 6 * 1.672621777e-27(mass of proton) + 6 * 1.674927351e-27(mass of neutron) + 6 * 9.10938291e-31(mass o
Here are 2 links and a paper which could be helpful: H. L. Hughes and J. M. Benedetto: Radiation Effects and Hardening of MOS Technology: Devices and Circuits, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON nuclear SCIENCE, VOL. 50, NO. 3, JUNE 2003 (an aerospace search-link for papers cont
What should the code do? Control a nuclear reactor?
Would appreciate even short answers, Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad english. 1. what are the best locations to put the cache regarding the cpu (close as possible?) 2.what is the most likely explanation for how comes the Stuxnet/Flame (a virus?) was injected to Iran's nuclear Plants / Electricity grid, it possible to enforc
I think you might struggle to run most FPGAs from any sort of energy harvesting device (unless it's a wind turbine or nuclear fission power plant) Rather than outputting Ethernet, you can talk to XBee Wi-Fi devices using SPI and UART serial. This only requires a couple of general purpose I/O pins. A microcontroller will probably be far easier to
An engineer claims, with some thermodynamic analysis, that if the proposed construction site of a nuclear power plant is changed from one city to another, Plant efficiency will increase (cost of construction and everything else is same). Does change of city has to do anything with thermodynamic efficiency of plant? (A) No (B) Yes (C) Cannot b
This need dedicated nuclear plant. :oops: Of course amazing things from history. Also see this: Avian
I don't see, that the problem calls for an absolute value amplifier. Pulse inversion will be achieved by a basic inverting amplifier. Pulse stretching respectively peak hold is a different topic. It's a standard function in classical nuclear electronics and you'll find a lot of related literature. Available ADC speeds have considerably increased ov
WimRFP, There are some concepts of phisics not yet neither well known and explored by scientific comunity. The fact is that vacum energy extraction implies proximity of a star, where nuclear fusion generate magnetic dipoles that are the power supply of those aparatus. engineerpervez1, I buyed a book of this subject, but unnafortunnately,
This is a differential amplifier you can check the following links, or Google for more results BJT Differential Amplifier Alex
can some one please share a PCB template for NIM modules. i could not locate it in oracd layout templates. hock
Einstein modified the law of conservation of energy. According to Einstein the Total Sum of Mass and Energy in the Universe is constant. So if you want you can create energy out of mass. This is what happens in nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactions.
As it is not crucial temperature reading for a nuclear power station you can use one-way transmission using “el-cheapo” 433MHz modules .. Here are examples of such devices: Protocol can be very simple .. The transmitter sends starting byte (quite often it is AAh, and it can be repeated

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