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Hi all, does anyone know how to simulate the oblique incidence of a plane wave in the electromagnetic module of COMSOL? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I have a problem for HFSS simulation. I try to simulate the oblique incident wave, assume wave incident to FR4. How can i calculate the return loss and transmission? It seem needed to use calculator, but i have no idea. Does anyone can help me?:cry: Thanks a lot!
If I remember, this is made in two steps: - Cut the corners where you want an arc ex . \________ - Select the oblique segment and press A (or select Arc in the contextual menu), it will become and arc.
My team at the lab are having great difficulty at figuring out how to simulate photonic crystals in HFSS. We need to use spherical coordinates to set oblique light vectors towards our periodic structures. We cannot use radiating boundaries for this because they can only be used for perpendicular angles of incidence. Currently we are using a comb
Hello all I am trying to do an oblique angle simulation in HFSS 10. When I assign Master/Slave boundaries to the waveguide and then assign PML to the both faces, it says that simulation could not be run due to the fact that Mater/Slave boundaries are touching with the PML boundaries and both of them dont have the same parameters!!!!!!!! Can s
Hi I am trying to simulate a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) in Ansoft HFSS for oblique angles. I have setup master and slave boundaries and PMLs on two ends of waveguide. When I simulate , I cant get any S parameters for the range of frequencies. I have setup the incident wave port with spherical coordinates too. Please do help me to simulat
Given a 300 Mhz plane wave (linearly polarized ),whose average power density =1/(15 pi) watt/m2 ,which incident obliquely from medium 1 to medium 2.the magnitude of the electric field component (s) parallel to the x-z is (are) plotted versus y in fig 1. Then: (a) determine the characteristics of both media. (b) Write down the field components ev
Hi Friends May I know how can I implement oblique Incidence for Incident wave in Ansoft HFSS. I am able to implement 45degrees in 2D and 3D but not other angles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dheeraj
Most of my experience has been on 388 pin devices or more and I have seen various levels of success and failure with different rework stations, and especially that they are not able to inspect the quality of the joint itself. Some systems use laser inspection by means of oblique direction laser path & detection between pins to check for shorts with