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Hi mamase, oblique incidence means that the waveguide is not being fed by another similar waveguide, which means it must be fed by a different waveguide supporting different modes, such as free space. You can set up a free space oblique excitation by Assign Excitation -> Incident Wave -> Plane Wave.
If the wave is at normal incidence, there is no phase difference between your boundaries. That only happens when the wave is at some oblique angle of incidence. In this regard, normal incidence is extremely easy with hfss. Hope this helps!
Dear all, I want to get reflection phase plot in oblique incident. I know maybe I can use Master/Slave boundary condition instead of PEC/PMC, could anyone give me some detail simulated steps ? Appreciate your help !!
Dear All, I am trying to analyze the A-sandwich radome in hfss. Please find the attachment for hfss model for the A-sandwich radome. I am getting the expected results for normal incidence only, but not with oblique incidence. It is required to find the insertion loss (also in terms of transmission coefficient) of the radome with the (...)
Hello everyone, I am trying to find the current(Amps) along the vias in the seivenpiper structure using hfss 10. Structure: I am simulating a unit cell with patch on a grounded dielectric slab which is connected to ground by vias. The excitation I am using is plane wave with oblique incidence and TM polarization. For TM polarization obliqu
try using floquet mode that able u changing the oblique angle in that site u will find floquet mode in hfss
hi,if u confuse with that method that i already test it with (CST and hfss) give good comparison that method has limited to only normal incident,so if u like check any oblique angle,sorry u that method not work well so i suggest u use floquet mode that allow ur changing the angle of incident ,in CST in frequency solver in hfss ,it already (...)
thank you for your reply,but I am looking for frequency selective surface(patch) simulations in hfss for oblique incidences of plane wave.
can anyone help me how to simulate fss in hfss for oblique incidences for tm(E-vector in the plane of k vector) case.
Hi,on hfss I'm simulating an oblique incidence(with a plane wave) to infinite reflect array and i would like to extract S parameters (reflection coefficient).Any idea?? I am also doing some try on field calcullator but i am unable to get results.....thanks in advance......... Farooq:cry:
Hi, I have a problem for hfss simulation. I try to simulate the oblique incident wave, assume wave incident to FR4. How can i calculate the return loss and transmission? It seem needed to use calculator, but i have no idea. Does anyone can help me?:cry: Thanks a lot!
My team at the lab are having great difficulty at figuring out how to simulate photonic crystals in hfss. We need to use spherical coordinates to set oblique light vectors towards our periodic structures. We cannot use radiating boundaries for this because they can only be used for perpendicular angles of incidence. Currently we are using a comb
Hello all I am trying to do an oblique angle simulation in hfss 10. When I assign Master/Slave boundaries to the waveguide and then assign PML to the both faces, it says that simulation could not be run due to the fact that Mater/Slave boundaries are touching with the PML boundaries and both of them dont have the same parameters!!!!!!!! Can s
Hi I am trying to simulate a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) in Ansoft hfss for oblique angles. I have setup master and slave boundaries and PMLs on two ends of waveguide. When I simulate , I cant get any S parameters for the range of frequencies. I have setup the incident wave port with spherical coordinates too. Please do help me to simulat
Hi Friends May I know how can I implement oblique Incidence for Incident wave in Ansoft hfss. I am able to implement 45degrees in 2D and 3D but not other angles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dheeraj