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Hi mamase, oblique incidence means that the waveguide is not being fed by another similar waveguide, which means it must be fed by a different waveguide supporting different modes, such as free space. You can set up a free space oblique excitation by Assign Excitation -> Incident Wave -> Plane Wave.
If the wave is at normal incidence, there is no phase difference between your boundaries. That only happens when the wave is at some oblique angle of incidence. In this regard, normal incidence is extremely easy with HFSS. Hope this helps!
Dear All, I am trying to analyze the A-sandwich radome in HFSS. Please find the attachment for hfss model for the A-sandwich radome. I am getting the expected results for normal incidence only, but not with oblique incidence. It is required to find the insertion loss (also in terms of transmission coefficient) of the radome with the (...)
Hi every body, Now I am focusing on the simulation for the refletion phase of the EBG structures, especially, i want to plot the reflection diagram for the oblique at both TE and TM polarizations as the attached-picture below. However, I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me? Thank you for much! I hope early receive your reply. [url=ht
Hello everyone, I am trying to find the current(Amps) along the vias in the seivenpiper structure using HFSS 10. Structure: I am simulating a unit cell with patch on a grounded dielectric slab which is connected to ground by vias. The excitation I am using is plane wave with oblique incidence and TM polarization. For TM polarization obliqu
hi i am writing a code for FDTD technique.i need to have an oblique plane wave.i have read taflove 's book on FDTD. But 1)i would not understand the look up table method for incident wave.There are some equations regarding the geometrical interpretation of the method.What is the meaning of it.Should i use those equations in my code 2)To
can anyone help me how to simulate fss in hfss for oblique incidences for tm(E-vector in the plane of k vector) case.
Hi,on HFSS I'm simulating an oblique incidence(with a plane wave) to infinite reflect array and i would like to extract S parameters (reflection coefficient).Any idea?? I am also doing some try on field calcullator but i am unable to get results.....thanks in advance......... Farooq:cry:
Hi all, does anyone know how to simulate the oblique incidence of a plane wave in the electromagnetic module of COMSOL? Thanks in advance.
Given a 300 Mhz plane wave (linearly polarized ),whose average power density =1/(15 pi) watt/m2 ,which incident obliquely from medium 1 to medium 2.the magnitude of the electric field component (s) parallel to the x-z is (are) plotted versus y in fig 1. Then: (a) determine the characteristics of both media. (b) Write down the field components ev
Hi Friends May I know how can I implement oblique incidence for Incident wave in Ansoft HFSS. I am able to implement 45degrees in 2D and 3D but not other angles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dheeraj