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Hi, everyone I am now using HFSS version 13 to calculate S11 and S21 of a metamaterial absorber. wave ports and PEC/PMC B.C. are set up in the simulation. For the wave port, the plane wave incident angle is zero in default, but I want to use an oblique incidence(for example theta or phi=10 deg). What should I do to realize oblique (...)
Dear all, I want to get reflection phase plot in oblique incident. I know maybe I can use Master/Slave boundary condition instead of PEC/PMC, could anyone give me some detail simulated steps ? Appreciate your help !!
hello I am desperately looking for a 2D FDTD code with an oblique plane incident wave! I have read many books but have difficulty implementing them so need a code to help! PLz! 8-O
waveguide use when u want to simulate normal incident floquet used for general any oblique angle floquet mode only operate with unit cell as it simulate ur design as periodic structure
u can implement an oblique incident wave by multiplying the field you would use for a normal incident wave with a phase term. the phase term is a function of position. for example, lets assume you excite an incident wave in a 2D simulation by forcing the E field at y=y0: Ez(x,y0)=Ez(t). this is a plane wave traveling in (...)
hi all,many here face problem of changing the oblique angle so i upload cst example file i hope help all enjoy
hi,if u confuse with that method that i already test it with (CST and HFSS) give good comparison that method has limited to only normal incident,so if u like check any oblique angle,sorry u that method not work well so i suggest u use floquet mode that allow ur changing the angle of incident ,in CST in frequency solver in HFSS ,it already (...)
Hi, I have a problem for HFSS simulation. I try to simulate the oblique incident wave, assume wave incident to FR4. How can i calculate the return loss and transmission? It seem needed to use calculator, but i have no idea. Does anyone can help me?:cry: Thanks a lot!
Hi I am trying to simulate a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) in Ansoft HFSS for oblique angles. I have setup master and slave boundaries and PMLs on two ends of waveguide. When I simulate , I cant get any S parameters for the range of frequencies. I have setup the incident wave port with spherical coordinates too. Please do help me to simulat
Given a 300 Mhz plane wave (linearly polarized ),whose average power density =1/(15 pi) watt/m2 ,which incident obliquely from medium 1 to medium 2.the magnitude of the electric field component (s) parallel to the x-z is (are) plotted versus y in fig 1. Then: (a) determine the characteristics of both media. (b) Write down the field components ev
Hi Friends May I know how can I implement oblique Incidence for incident wave in Ansoft HFSS. I am able to implement 45degrees in 2D and 3D but not other angles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dheeraj

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