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There is also a flip side in providing only small drive strength buffers in cts. These small drive strength buffers are more sensitive to ocv compared to medium or large drive strength buffers. esp in lower nodes, when your chip's operating freq is in Ghz range , care has to taken on ocv front also. try to give multiple large drive (...)
Hi Guys, would you share experience?
Try to think on the lines that both the modes cant be on at the same time. So cts done for one mode with all the balancing may not be the appropriate for the other mode. Also when you take ocv into picture, each cell added contributes to some delay and has an impact on timing so you may not be able to meet timing in the other mode. So the tool trie
What is the relation between cts and ocv? How much is the influence of these parameters in Area increase?
I think , u applied derate on clocks after cts?.. considering ocv factors.. why dont u apply data,clock derate early in flow in addition to ocv derate.
Do we consider ocv factors in pre-cts timing analysis?
Very helpful Viju , but I have a question regarding what you wrote : What is ocv, and why buffers increase ocv ? Thanks very much.
Can some one share care abouts before and after cts till ocv. for example, we consider many uncertainities before cts, but we will remove jitter skew while building clocks.
Due to PVT variations we give Setup(not always) and Hold Margins after cts. Then run few optimization commands on the design. Does any one heard about AREA ocv and how do we take measure to correct it.