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this circuit cannot be used for speed control you can use it just for turning on and off because moc3061 is a zero crossing opto-triac it gets ON only at the zero cross of the mains even if the excitation pulse comes sooner so it cannot control the firing angle that is needed to speed control.
I have been tasked with designing a circuit to measure the phase angle between the legs of a 3-phase 208V system. I will need to determine the phase angle with ? 2 degree resolution / accuracy, aiming for ? 1 degree The processor has an integral 12bit A/D with 0-3Vdc signal range, and can can easily sample and measure the discrete
It looks like LCD glass from a clock or calculator. They are often custom made to specific requirements so you may not find a generic data sheet or part number for it. You have to generate your own backplane and phase signals, it doesn't work like a logic level LCD module. Try holding it at an angle so the light glances off it and you might be ab
max distance with minimum power can be traded off with speed of data and modulation. IR wavelength does not matter much as long as receiver bandwidth includes transmitter and you have a daylight blocking filter. Path loss is inverse squared, so smallest beam angle in emitter is desirable Power per bit can be computed as VI*t from transmitt
Collinear antennas use λ/2 elements and theoretically don't need a ground plane. If you add a ground plane at particular distance the antenna pattern would change. So, without a ground plane the antenna focuses more energy towards the horizon (lower take-off azimuth angle), thus not wasting any energy towards unwanted areas like the sky. Th
Hi, i know for max efficiency we go for SMPS. but that's not my field. i have been developing battery chargers for my project based purposes but this time i need to save power. I would be using SLA battery for my 24/7 powered on NAS. With linear components like LM317 with bypass transistor set to 15v and 10amps for battery charging i have to
Hi, I'm trying to build a filter for a resolver. I'm getting issues with noise spikes where I will get a sample that is way out of proportion with other samples. I have a pretty good design for filter minor glitches in the shaft angle, say up to 5 degrees off. But where I really need to do more filtering is right after the ADC samples. I have 2 ADC
Hello Friends, I've achieved control of fan speed using triac and zero crossing detection circuit. But there is a constant humming sound in fan because of the frequent turn on and turn off of the fan by spliced AC wave since I am using phase angle control to control fan speed. On seeing a fan regulator in google, I found that they use an indu
1. The delay is mainly caused by an unsuitable high gate resistor R1 value of 2k. 2. Triac switches only provide on/off control. You might think about tranlating the 4-20 mA control signal into a phase angle.
call delay_4 ; Firing angle delay. movlw b'00001001' : Trigger Pulse ON movwf PORTC call dly_3 ; Required pulse width to latch TRIAC. movlw b'00001001' ; Trigger Pulse off ? It is same as pulse ON
hey guys. I would like to control an exhaust fan 220 vac that will vary the speed by the reading of smoke sensor. The fan is 50Hz and only 1 speed (1 phase i suppose?) Let step a side with the sensor. The varying speed will be occurred when I turn off and on the fan in a certain time. For the switching for lamp dimmer or fan controller it pop
Zero crossing optocoupler MOC3041 is suitable in this is not phase angle control but on/off with 3-5 degree hysteresis.
From my experience with a radio controlled airplane... With power off, the servo stays where it was when you last shut off power. When you power up the servo, it immediately obeys the control signal. It will move to a middle position, if your control device is sending that command. If there is no control signal, the servo does not move. If the
Dear Sirs, I am freshman in the field of antenna, can anybody tell me a list of low prifile UWB antennas which have horizontal polarization and low take-off angle? Thanks! Yun
Hello, I am using Bt139 E series sensitive gate triac to directly turn on or off a motor using 89C2051 micro controller (circuit attached. The problem is that when triacs are triggered at medium-phase angle and drive inductive loads, they generate heavy voltage peaks on the gate, which could damage the micro controller. In my opinion if I put a
Give us more detail on your requirements / user stories for example: I want to measure the status of the brake (boolean ; on or off) I want to measure the angle of the steering wheel with an accuracy of 2 deg I want to update all the sensor measurements every 5 seconds I want to combine all the sensor data in a code I want to transmit the cod
Concept / Outcome: I'm planning to drive a laser pointer slowly using a simple geared down 12V DC motor through an angle of about 70 degrees using output from PC. The gearbox is designed such that the laser travels very slow (i.e. 70 degrees = 5mins). I want to place LDR sensors at the limits ofthe sweep to detect the laser and
If I know, telephone terminals in EU are tested under: off-hook state: 600 ohm+-20% f=300-3400Hz, I=40mA, angle less than 20 grades. DC resistance is less than 320ohm (I=25mA). on-hook state: impedance of ringer circuit: 2-50kohm (probably) at 25/50Hz pool_77
The harmonics are generated due to non-linear operation mechanism of Power Electronics components i.e. the power electronics components gets ON and off at certain firing angle and due to this some electronic sparking (harmonics) are generated.
The ground size of a λ/4 vertical monopole antenna should be at least λ/4 in size. Instead of physical ground can be used λ/4 radials. The length and the angle (with the vertical) of the radials affect the antenna impedance and the take-off angle of the radiated waves. The diameter of the monopole affect the antenna (...)