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Hi, You ask "what is it ? and why is it done ? and how ? and does it differ from an ADC type to another ?" Generally "calibrating" means cancelling or reducing errors. Those errors can be "offset, gain, thermal drifts, linearity..." Klaus
Electret mic has a FET inside, so the gain is proportional to the load resistance, which also affects DC offset from V+ {but out want mic out =V+/2} Modern sound chips often have 0~30dB of gain and so dc offset in the amp, pop filtering, noise cancelling properties and low frequency rejection are all important. Single transistor
I've found a good solution for my problem: I couldn't expect that I can totally decrease the mismatch-effect. But that's not necessary. The mismatch by the layout or whatever leads to an Input-offset which I'm cancelling now by an additional external circuit. The decision-threshold is just shifted. What is causing the mism
The first thing u should cancelling offset of opamp and bias one in condition with maximum gain. How to do this see cadence white paper "Cadence - Functional Verification of a Differential Amplifiers.pdf" on PLZ Don't forget to push the help button if u think i help u.
Now I am simulating a zero IF mixer with the DC cancelling loop circuit, but I am not clear how to simulate the DC offset. The RF frequency is about 2GHz. Need your suggestion!!!
A comparator with pre-amplifer and latch usually does offset canceling like the first diagram. But I am asked to do offset cancelling according to the second diagram. Is it possible to do input offset cancelling inculding the latch. There are posive feedback in latch and I think there are problems if we (...)
In my opinion, the main contribution of the preamplifier is its prevention from the kickback effect generated by the following latch during its transition from track mode to latch mode . Although the preamplifier CAN attenuate the input offset of the latch, it has offset itself, which needs also extra circuits to redu
how to implement offset cancellling in comparator or AMP? Anybody have some good circuits? thanks!