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It isn't my intent to break any forum rules, but I see other requests for leads to find old software in here so... I am looking for the vintage dos software by Xilinx - XACT v6.0.1. Of course I realize it is discontinued for many years and totally unsupported, but I know someone has to have this old dos software (...)
I have a 20 year old project that has come back to my desk using an MC68HC811E2FN. It has no ROM and 2k EEPROM. I've lost my old programmer. Even if I had it, I wouldn't have the software. It probably ran on windows 3.1, maybe W95, maybe dos. LOL. Is there an inexpensive programmer for these chips around? I have 4 chips programmed (...)
Hi All, I'm looking for dos based AutoTrax and EasyTrax PCB software to view my very old PCB art-works. Links to Altium site for download given in this forum are all dead. Can any one upload? Thanks in advance with regards, -micropar-
have a look at the MathWorks page discussing calling Matlab from C and C++ however, I doubt if you can call Matlab from Turbo C which I seem to remember is an old dos based compiler?
Hi Alberto. Sorry, but its hard to understand what you are saying. Let me ask you few questions... 1. Do you have an operating system installed, say any windows, in your computer??? 2. How old is your computer??? 3. You did any repairing job before??? 4. When you start the computer, where it asks to set the time??? In start-up bios, or when window
hello, You can acces LPT Port , by using dosbox 0.74 , under windows XP . I can run old program written in TurboC 2.00 inside this Box You can allow a percentage of runtime to your application, so old application, written with Win98 or dos 6,22 can still run . or by ioport.dll or port32.dll with VB6.00 . but slower (...)
The simplest way to create a dos system disk is to boot into dos using the floppy or USB drive and then format the hard drive using the "/S" option to copy the system files to the disk. Based on how old dos is, this may or may not support gigabyte class hard drives. Or a large drive may appear as a much smaller drive to (...)
Hi for all, I have very old two color (red + green) led display with Tecnovision (Italy) led command board with RS232 communication, I attach several images of this board, if somebody have any info or PC software (I think this software is dos oriented becouse the board is app 20 years old) please reply... best regards [url=images.elektro
Hi all A problem with PDIFOUT.EXE Have been using this to convert old dos circuits to P-CAD 2002 with no problem. Anyway, went to use it yesterday to convert a circuit, and it started to run, then came up with: ERROR: Could not open Message file. Not had this before, and as said was working OK last time. Has the wonderfull old (...)
I don't think there is another one than of Keil. And since I cannot get it, I keep using my old dos assembler; TASM of Thomas N. Anderson, 1993.
I just find a old Fluke 2635A Data Bucket, i dont have it software. Anyone please help share it dos and window. Many many Thanks.
Hello, I wish to build this small video modulator RF MODULATOR D.I.Y. I would like to make a version with the inductors etched on the PCB instead of hand wind. The old dos version of appcad can calculate spiral inductor values, so I think I can manage to do it. The problem is that I do not know t
As the name suggests, it uses 32 bit registers (and wide memory space), which already answers your question. Windows still provides a 16-Bit subsystem to support old real mode Windows and dos applications. You can e.g. start the good old real mode dos debugger in a command window and feel like 30 years back in time ...
Microsim (v8) is very old but maybe the easiest simulator (is similar to the originale dos PSpice but with a good GUI). PSpice A/D is similar but too much integrated into other Orcad tools (i.e. schematic entry, PCB des, etc) Protel, Altium circuit simulator, the same as previous, they are mixed signal oriented to logics. Microcap I think is the
I like the old book by Paul W Tuinenga "A guide to circuit simulation & analysis using Pspice". I have an old 1988 edition which is when Pspice ran under dos. I think there are newer versions which may be more appropriate for the later versions. You may find second hand copies around. Keith.
It's So old! Why do u use it? The product of the Atmel or Silicon LAb are the better ! BRs
You can use LPT as a digital IO with some prerequisites - the LPT port bidirectional capabilities for the data lines (at least PS2 mode supported) - you have an old dos or WIN95/98 operating system or - with WIN XP or similar you have installed a system driver that allows direct access to specified IO ports, e.g. giveio.sys - you know the res
Hi all Problem with P-Cad dos into P-Cad2002 Have one of our old dos designs to modify which was laid out in METRIC. (here it comes) When I PDIF'ed the design in, it came at scale 2.54!!!! (a bit big) I changed "OPTIONS-CONFIGURE-UNITS" both ways (metric & imperial) and read it in again from a clean sheet, eg straight after (...)
Not that I'm aware of, the only way woudl be to redraw the Schematic and PCB, I think there was a smaller versin of Protel called autotrax but I think this is based on the old dos system, Normally we send our files to our design house in gerber format they just make the PCB'S
Dear All, In the context of a project for radio amateurs I am looking of a windows/dos program or code source that can read and write bits from the com port. I remember an old LPT/COM port sniffer but what I actually need is: Copy and paste 1s and 0s into the program and the program to send them throught a pin in LPT/COM port the one after