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Hi one and all. I need help of you. I have 5+years of experience in PCB. I am 31 years old. I would like to step in to IC custom layout(as a fresher). Is that my step is right or shall i continue PCB. I would like to know future of IC custom layout and PCB layout. Really I need suggestions. Kindly help me:sad:: Thanks, Naidu.
Thats a very old part. I dont think ABEL will be much use to you in the future. You're better off learning VHDL or Verilog if you want a job.
i just want to build an inverter as mentioned above, i have already some components like irf 540 mosfets, two transformers extracted from 750va ups, can i use them to do the job. i had already some old 500 va ups. second can i convert them to build an inverter around 500 watt. if so, what are the changes required to be done
I am very sorry to ask this old question,but I am really really need help . I have a file .job ext , it is a very old . I had try to use POWER PCB 4 /POWER PCB 5 / POWER PCB 2007 / POWER PCB 9.5 to open this file , all message is " current version can 't open it. " so can someone help tell me how to open it ? (or Email me (...)
Try to put old predator 89C51 DIP40 on window, maybe this will scare little Crickets. :-)
Hi All, Im 30 years old and at a crossroads of sorts. Since my graduation from EE, I have worked as an RF Design Engineer and am currently working for a semiconductor company as an Applications Engineer. My RF design job was related to RF Transceiver modules for satellites and my current job deals with Cable TV power amplifier products. (...)
Are you using a RTOS or are you trying to write one from scratch? If you are trying to write one from scratch then you have a long road ahead of you and I would recommend a book such as "Fundamentals of operating systems" which is a very old book but it does a great job explaining the concepts behind operating systems such as semaphores, memory man
does it do analoy autorouting?what's the difference between it and digital autorouting tools? ps:does icc11241 only support OA database?what's it older version that supports CDBA?
What a coincidence - I just dragged out my Hakko 474 this afternoon to do a big desoldering job. It hadn't been switched on for about 3 years - it was a throwout from my old work - deemed to be beyond it's 'use by date' and it worked like a dream. So keep hunting - on the basis of today's exercise, even a second hand unit shouldn't disappoint.
are you agree with 16f877a is the most powerful MCU in the midrange 16f series Hi, What parameters are you using to determine which chip is the most powerful ? Also consider that the 877a is well over 10 years old and no longer on Microchips production list. If you do a parametric search of the chips on the Mi
Look for ICAO Annex describes all the details and standards concerning Mode A/C, Mode S and ADS-B transponders. If you have difficulty finding the document for free, I think I have some (maybe old) version of it.
isnt this just node based rs232 old hat stuff?? 432 made a better job for serial stuff as for network man as above the right foldback cables ,,, if you want three way rxtx on urban systems no cpu and network based you need to use i2c to solve this using midi to rs232 properly i had to use 2 micros per i/o to provide 0 (...)
why dont u try a rail-to-rail architecture. The only point the seems difficult to achieve otherwise are you ICMR and OR. Its amazing you have access to such an old process though..
Hello I have this very old ascii keyboard attached. Is there any way to transmit it's data (parallel ascii code) to RS-232 format, so I could connect it to a computer using a hyper terminal? An 74LSxx TTL series chips solution (even lots of them) would be the best for my application as I would like to keep it relatively simple to understand.
Hi, You need a second OpAmp, but forget the old 741 for these job, (& a +5V Refererence, or minimum stabil DC for the shifter) after the 0..+5V output, refer pls to Fig. 23: K.
Some thoughts: 1. Good job for including numeric std. But bad job for not actually using it. Get rid of the std_logic_unsigned/signed/arith packages and never use them again, even if you see examples using them. They were never a standard and things have moved on since Synopsis made them. Just many people read old examples and stick with (...)
If you can't design these simple oscillator circuits then maybe you should be a taxi driver the old good days, you could easilly get a job because there was a need for people that could repair electronics. Now days all circuitry is mostly based on IC, so people that know opamp theory is likely to become either te
Well firstly, your indicators should run at 220VAC for simplicity. As for the 5V signals, have you considered just using relays? They are cheap (or at least, cheaper than an AC->DC converter) and get the job done (where I work relays are literally like rice grains as to our surplus quantity). I know it's really old-tech, but if you aren't switch
Hello, At job I have access to Protel 99SE, but never used it before, I used OrCAD in the past. I want to ask if learning the "old" Protel 99SE will be somehow helpful for using Altium at a basic level sometime in the future, or Altium is totally different? Learning Protel is usefull now, or Altium is much more advanced and special training i
Seems that you got a full-time job building cell phone jammers. The one presented in the above link is for old analog cellular systems as AMPS or NMT. The digital systems as 2G, 2.5G, 3G or 4G, are probably immune to something like this.