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I have a MX460 development board from olimex and a PIC-icd2-TINY programmer but I do not know how to connect them and how to configure MPLABX to use it. I connect the programmer via ICSP. But I still have a power jack that I do not know if I have to use it to power the programmer or to power the development board. Is there any one that can he
Regarding PIC, not all devices can be debugged at hardware lavel. For those which can be (see their website to know which PICs support hardware debugging), one can use cheaper icd2 clone from olimex to single step their code programmed in your target via MPLAB IDE in your PC. You don't need to install any debug code manually into your target. MP
You can buy a one from for about $90. Check out they sell a kit for about $70. If you don't mind building your own do a quick search on edaboard or google for icd2 or icd2 clone. You could also buy a low cost programmer such as EPIC Plus for about $60. www.rentr
Can anyone help with this? I have one icd2 from olimex but i can't do nothing. I Install MPLAB but i cant do anything. Just read this :
hi there, I'm thinking to buy a IC2 programming and dev board. For IC2, I'm thinking to get "MPLAB Compatible icd2 with USB and RS232" from finally here! The icd2 by olimex. This is complete drop in replacement for the Microchip icd2 at a fraction of the cost
I just bought a icd2 from olimex and tried to use with serial cable (RS232), because my old computer does not have a USB. the usr guide says that then it need a power supply. I could not find any infomation about what kind supply it will take but from the board near the socket, I found "9VAC" . So, I connect a 9v AC power to it. right after connec
I am considering buying the olimex ICD-2 and would like to have it confirmed by someone that has actually tried it first hand whether it will work directly (i.e. not through MPLAB) with the CCS compiler. Cheers, Cam.