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Here is a picture of the Dual Clock FIFO used to "transmit multi-bit signals from one clock domain to another" and it is "usually implemented as a wrapper around a dual port ram". It is from a book. 131786 It is not clear to me when exactly are the signals full and empty asserted. Why does signal full only goto the "wr
I want to make one single board 8 bit based computer for academic use to replace my old 8085 and 68 series from Motorola which I earlier made About only 12 years ago, when it were already quite available cores with 16 bits, I worked in a company whose flagship products were based in another 8-bit variant of the Z
If you answer the question from the ram chip perspective, there will be e.g. 4 byte-wide ram chips that hold the 32 bit data and get the same row and column address. In so far the data is stored in one address. But the cpu data model usually represents the data as four bytes with consecutive addresses. Consider that (...)
Which one? ROM, ram, Sram, Dram, Fram, Mram, FUSE cells?
Hi Everyone, I wanna describe a ram and ROM in VHDL and am not really getting what to do, so I will really appreciate if someone can help me. Memory 8-bit Addressable Memory, i.e. 8-bit wide Address Bus; 4-bit Data-In-Bus; 4-bit Data-Out-Bus; one (...)
The "in-system memory content editor" hasn't to do with init file functionality. The init file loads the ram content from configuration bit stream at boot time. The content editor is an IP block that connects one port of a dual port ram to the virtual JTAG hub. Starting with Quartus 13, Altera has introduced a feature to (...)
That's an old one! I haven't used on of those in maybe 20 years. You can read it just like a static ram, make the CE pin low and put the address on the input pins, the outputs will show the 4-bit data. It is fully static so you don't have to worry about timing or clock signals. Brian. Ok, so I will be probaly be a
I recently posted in the MCU section about some projects with microcontrollers and FPGAs that I am planning to do, in order to learn. I have had experience with Verilog simulations and coding on Xilinx and Modelsim. I wanted to learn to actually program a FPGA using a Development board. I was comparing between, BeMicro SDK, the DE0 Nano, the
Hi, I have a doubt regarding the ddr 2 meomroy. I have processor to DDR2 interfaces where I am interfacing 2 nos of 1Gibt DDR 2 rams. Each ram is 16 bit data wide. I am using 32 bit data from processor to two ddr 2 rams. Instead I can use a Single 2 Gbit DDR2 ram which (...)
It sounds like you only need ram not EEPROM for your data storage so simply look at the web sites of microcontroller manufacturers for a suitable one. They are likely to be 32 bit or possibly 16 bit if they have that much memory. Also, consider whether you really need to save all the values. Minimum and maximum values and (...)
A type definition isn't a statement, by the way. A parameterizable component that expects port signals of the std_logic_vector type must be connected to signals of the second kind, if you want them one bit wide, e.g. a ram with 1 bit data width. You can't use std_logic in this case, but (...)
I have a FIFO of width 8 bit. I want to read 16 bit in one read cycle from that FIFO in every read cycle. How can I do that?
Hello everyone, I'm trying to implement a simple ram (for the SP601 evaluation kit) that will store a 12-bit data. I've seen many sample codes from XST user guide such as this one library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; -- Uncomment the following library declaration if using (...)
Hello Friends: i'm trying to do one bit simple calc(using 8051 MCU) , which can take two numbers and operator from the Keyboard (save the numbers in ram) then do the math the problem i'm facing , i end up having wrong numbers when reading from ram . here's my asm code: ORG 000H JMP MAIN ORG 003H JMP INT0 (...)
Brams are not one big solid memory, but lots and lots of small ones (IIRC, they are 9K bits per ram). They can be configered to any combination of data and address, eg. 8k x 1bit up to 256x32 bit. You can infer Brams from VHDL, and the synthesisor will place (...)
Welcome to edaboard. :-) 2) What does a USB transmission consist of? Is it like a RS232 one? (start bit followed by data followed by parity bit followed by stop bit). From the microcontroller side it is exactly the same. For both USB and RS232, serial communication via UART needs to be implemented. You will need a USB to U
Hi, Thanks for your apply I don't want to use coregen. I want to code dual port ram with one port as 8 bit read/write and other port with 4 bit read/write. is it possible in xilinx or not?(I mean with vhdl code not with coegen)
hitech, You could take the bit stream, convert it to words, 8-32 bits. You can then store those in a FIFO and take them out on the output side of the FIFO as needed. A FIFO can be implemented in a duel port block ram. one side is writing the bits, converted to words, and the other side is reading them (...)
When i use some kind of counter i usually use std_logic_vector instead of integer and this way (depending on the result you want) you can get away by just checking one bit. For example when i have a ram address counter which fills at 256k byte the max address value can be 11111111 (8 bit) so instead of checking for this (...)
i would like to say AT89S52 cheap and best, easy to program,, part of college curiculum almost every one knows about it.. AT89S52 its 8 bit controller with 8K program memory 256 byte ram 32 io pins, UART, interrupts, timers In system programble
Friends, I have built one 12 bit 8K ram inside FPGA (spartan 3A). This FPGA has 20K block ram INSIDE. BUT WHAT i FIND IS IN-SPITE OF USING ONLY 8 k MY WHOLE 20 k BLOCK ram has got exhausted. have a look on my coding style. always @(posedge clk_adc) begin /////////////////// (...)
Ahh, I see. In your program you can declare a union of four chars and one long. Then when the bytes come you store them to the chars one by one and then you can read the value as one long. Something like this: typedef union TLong // Defines the type TLong to be a union of a 32-bit (...)
Can you use LPM to design this ram? Added after 4 minutes: I have one example of a 8-bit ram using LPM to design.. Hope this helps you..
one possibility is that you might have used Distributed ram for your arrays. ISE targets distributed ram depending on the way you code. I think Spartan-3 can store 16-bits of data in one LUT. So, your 7 arrays of 8-bit data might have consumed only 8 LUTs. So, when you targetted (...)
Try Xilinx ISE under Linux. It takes one third of the time to synthesize than it takes in windows. Linux port works definetely faster. I tried under Debian Linux v4.0 Hi everybody, I haven't been here for a while... blush Is there anybody else who made similar experiences like smoked concerning the simulation times of
Interface an 8 bit ?P with two 8Kx8 ram chips. What would you do if A0, A1 are interchanged in h/w for only one memory chip. It doesn't matter, because the data write into and read from the chip from the same way! So what you get is same as what you put. What?d you do in case of PROMs instead of rams? [/quo
rams, ROMs, and shift registers are common building blocks for digital systems. Having them available inside the FPGA makes it easier for us to design a digital system into an FPGA. The FPGA LUT (look-up table) is a small ROM with several address inputs and one data output. A common size is 16x1 bit, it has four inputs and (...)
Simply put 2 or more in parallel. You tie the address, control, ... everything together, except for the data. You can separate write-enables too, if you want to be able to write only to one of the 16-bits word. So, for example, if you want 32 bits wide, but wish to be able to write to only the low 16-bits or high (...)
I just want to shift data to right one bit. But some small value RGB data are going to be zero and the histogram of this image is going to be changed. Do you have any idea to realize it?:cry:
Hai Did you try parellax assembler? LED_1 = LEDBUF1.0 insted of this can you try this one? #def LED_1 LEDBUF1,0 LEDBUF IS A ram location(variable) AND LED_1 is 0th bit of that variable. picstudent
What is the error message? Please show a full module, not just a few lines extracted from the middle. Xilinx ISE (through version 8.1i) does not support two-dimensional arrays. reg store is a one-dimensional array. XST can infer Block ram, but only if you write full-width words. Try using four 64-bit wide arrays instead o
I am now pending on the course "Computer system architecture". this course began previous week. I should now write a homework describing a basic memory map. by a 16-bit addressing, we can refer to 64k blocks. a memory map is divided into 8 8k segments called pages. one page is for ram addressing, one for EPROM, and etc. I (...)
how coulud i know that the dual port ram have been built successfully? the following step(quartus 5.0): 1。first tool->megawizard plug-in manager,then select "memory compiler",then select " ram-2-port",option is: one read only port,one write only port; the data width of the read port is 16 (...)
Old VGA does not subtract from your total amount of system ram, however a small amount of the processor's address space is dedicated to the VGA frame buffer. In the one-megabyte region of 16-bit DOS stuff, the VGA regions begin at segment A000 (pixels), B800 (text), and usually C000 (VGA BIOS).
Any one know the fastest 8 bit microController in the world? as far as I know silabs has 8051 runs at 100MIPS.
Hi, Just add an HAL (abstraction layer) and write two functions that provide this features. one function reads in the format you want and other writes. This shouls not be a problem. brmadhukar
Compilers usually try to pack several bit fields into one word, but they usually don't try to pack several structs into one word. Try doing something like this: struct { unsigned val1:4, val2:4, val3:4, val4:4; } foo; 16-bit signed char in a Windows compiler? Perhaps your compiler is set to an international mode. (...)
Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a 16x64 static ram for the H8, and what is the easiest way to decode. Only one chip used so can map anywhere in address space.