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118929 I'm designing a board to multiplex 24 inputs to 1 pc104 port which is on my SBC. There are (3) '374's which are polled by the SBC using lines from pc104 port B (output) to see if one of the inputs has changed. The 4th '374 reads the output from a 74C922 keypad chip of which the DA pin is connected to an interrupt p
Hello, I would like to switch/multiplex RJ45 port from one input to three output. This port carries analog signals. I know this can be utilized using relays, but i would like to know if there is any IC which can do the job. Please suggest if you know any IC. Please refer to the attached picture for the diagram. (...)
Hi everyone, new member here. I designed a circuit that has a USB port connected to a MAX3421E host, which has only one port. I'm wondering if I can multiplex two or more USB devices on one such host by tri-stating their power and ground rails using a microcontroller's GPIOs. I.e. only (...)
1) A duplexer is generally a 3 port device (for example a circulator) that permits you to have RX and TX at the same time by using the same antenna 2) A diplexer is generally a 3 port device that permits to multiplex 2 bands incoming at the input port over two different outputs, each band is forwarded to (...)
I've just seen the note "Maximum total I for all output pins: 80 mA" so it won't work for this type of controller. Looking for another one.
Can one PS/2 port be used for both the keyboard and mouse , using an external multiplexer,
Hi to all I build following circuit in the Proteus want use this circuit for multiplexing 4 Anode Com Seven Segement with one port of AT89C51 microcontroller in assembly language That showing the " 2006 " number in the seven segement I write the program in the assembly language but it not worki
Hi jones TK for your help GUGA