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I have built a circuit to measure temperature using 2 wire RTD interface as shown below: 133574 I am effectively using one half of the dual current source (100uA) as 2nd half is connected to 0V-GND (via R41 & R81 0 ohm links). The idea is to use this circuit with Pt-100 & Pt-1000 type devices. The output of amp is going
This is an interfacing of PIC18F4550 with a 2-wire serial LCD and DHT11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The 2-wire serial LCD is a simple LCD (16x2 or 20x4) connected with a shift register (74HC164, 74HC595, CD4094 ....) as shown on the circuit schematic. The DHT11 is a digital humidity and temperature sensor (...)
The following video shows the interfacing of PIC16F877A microcontroller with 1602 lcd display and DS1307 real time clock and dht11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The ds1307 uses I2C protocol to communicate with the microcontroller and the dht11 uses one-wire protocol. The results are displayed on the lcd display. The circuit (...)
This is an interfacing of the Microchip PIC16F84A 8-bit microcontroller with digital humidity and temperature sensor DHT11. This sensor uses one-wire protocol to contact with the master device. The results will be displayed on 1602 LCD display as shown by the circuit schematic diagram below. The following video shows the working of the (...)
The following video shows the interfacing of Arduino uno board with DHT11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. This sensor uses one wire protocol to interface with the master
Hi, I want connect a one wire temperature sensor with UART. My problem is a two registers of measurement is always equal 255 ( temp_LSB and temp_MSB). And I have problem that int USART2_Read() { // while ((USART2->SR & USART_SR_RXNE) == 0); return USART2->DR & 0x1FF; } while ((USART2->SR & USART_SR_RXNE) == 0); mu
Hi, I'm a newbie in Fpga's and vhdl, we are using spartan-6 lx150t development kit, this board consists of one max7500(temperature sensor) adc with two wire i2c protocol. please anyone guide me to implement i2c interface between spartan 6 and the adc. any tutorial or links will be helpful. Thanks
I am using DS18S20 sensor and pic 16f877a for temperature measurement. I have c code that's for only one sensor. That works OK. now i want to add four more sensors (same type) to get temperature reading from different points. Anyone could help me please? This is the code for only one sensor. (...)
86137 I'm a complete beginner in the design area... but I have this circuit that uses an RTD (a resistor that is relatively linear and proportional with temperature). I've done a week of reading on bridge networks, op-amp configurations, instrumentation amps, and various other topics, but I don't see a bridge network h
Hi to everyone! I would like to monitor my basement temperature using the famous 1-wire DS18b20 sensor. I cannot put any cable in my house, so i thought to use the powerline technology. This is my idea: Arduino <--uart--> Powerline Modem <---> Powerline Modem <--uart-->DS2480B (Serial to 1-wire Line Driver) (...)
Some one know why 3-wire RTD are broad used instead just 2 wire with instrument amplifier ? any mathematical analisys to get a clue ? Best Regards
Look! I had a platinum heater which look small in size like a chip, the size of it is 15mm x 13 mm, thickness not more than 1 micro meter, the temperature range is more than 300 degree celsius.. does any one know how to connect the heater with wire to make a close system! Note. Using clip to hold the heater doesnt seem work, because the (...)
Ds18s20 one wire Precision temperature sensor,Now i use only This in My Project. you can attach multiple sensor on single wire.
Hi all, Can any one let me know if there is any linux software to simulate resistivity of copper nano wire vs temperature. Thanks a lot
hi everyone , I want to design a temperature controller circuit by using DS18B20 sensor with spartan 3A DSP FPGA. I read temperature from one sensor but now ı have to read 4 sensor with one-wire bus. Can anyone has a source code and post me ? thanx for your helps...
Resistive heating wires are sort of linear. one thing to take into consideration is that they have temperature dependent resistance. The other is that the surface area radiates the heat. So to get the heat out of a thin wire takes higher temperatures.
Hi! I need schemtic for Input section of AutoTune PID temperature controllers - specifically of some comercially available one - it should include the following : 1. RTD input - PT100 & PT1000 (DIN & JIS) Three wire preferably with current excitation. 2. TC inputs like J,K,R, S,T,E,B,N. 3. Linear inputs - 0 to 100mV, 0 to (...)
I am currently in the middle of a project to program a master device which can communicate with the DS1923 so that it could instruct the DS1923 to start the logging mission. The protocol involve would be the one-wire bus protocol. Anybody who did this before?i need some help on the one-wire programming side.Thanks
hi, i got a NiMH rechargeable battery pack from local market. well knows a cordless phone battery pack.the product Model is HGB-15AAx3 an it says "Ni-MH battery 3.6v 1500mah" & it's a green colored battery pack consisting 3 outputs ,red an white wire. My question is why there are 3 wires out puts of the (...)
This is a two wire serial interface chip. It does not require a UART, so the UART port of the micro is available. However, its temperature data is presented one bit at a time for each clock pulse. Perhaps you were thinking of another part number?
one easy way of reading temperature is with the DS18B20, high-precision 1-wire digital thermometer .. The DS18B20 is a digital thermometer featuring ?0.5°C accuracy over a -10°C to +85°C range. Data is read out over a 1-wire? serial bus in 2's complement format with 9 to 12 bits of resolution (user-programmable). www.maxim-
one of the simplest methods of interfacing a thermocouple to 8051 microcontroller is 1-wire technology .. Here is an example of an IC which will take signal form J-thermocouple, condition it and convert it to digital form that can be read by a microcontroller: If you need more information on 1-
agreed with IanP. i have used that device before, it is very nice. you communicate to it via one-wire i believe. but you need a microprocessor. does your design have one already? if not, then this approach will not be worth your time. a thermistor is good for 2 reasons, i) they are cheap, ii) they give the fastest response to rate of (...)
U can measure it using any of the following 1-Hot wire ammeter. 2-Clamb ammeter. any one knows any more!!??
... I only want to send data across to another AT89C51 (Receiver) in one way mode via wire. For example, the first AT89C51 is designed to send a temperature reading across the wire to another AT89C51. Check attached file. You should use function UART_CommInit to initialize once every of two uC UARTs. Then (...)
A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end, and produce a small unique voltage at a given temperature. This voltage is measured and interpreted by a thermocouple thermometer. The thermoelectric voltage resulting from the temperature difference from one end of the wire to (...)
Hello Friends.. Does any one has idea HOW AIR FLOW SENSOR works? Also if any one has circuit , Let me know u have.. Regards NVP
I was looking for a humidity sensor to make a circuit to monitor the humidity level in my computer case. Im sure there are some Im just having trouble finding one. I would really like one that had a analog output. Thanks
the DS1620 is a great temperature sensor from dallas semi. do you guys know any other temperature sensor that works like this one? it sends its data in parallel, leaving the serial port of the micro free for other stuff. thanx for your help. DS1821 have 2 operating modes, 1-wire and thermostat. In the thermostat mode,