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I have a DE0-Nano board from Altera, and I am planning to do a project with it this summer. However, I am not sure what projects are interesting or suitable, at my current level. I learned about debouncing, state machines, ADCs, LUTs, and UART through my courses. From what I read online, FPGAs are good for parallel tasks and signal processing
@ Masters degree is important at quite a lot of phases of respectable life as one could acquire promoting on the behalf of master degree in their present career. online Masters degree courses are most considered applications of at present?s early life or working members rationale the students who s
Hi, this objective might be difficult to achieve. To my knowledge only business and marketing oriented Universities are offering courses in English. So German might be mandatory. There is a doctor paper from the University in Kassel in English ( ) and the have also a
Hello guys! I would like to know if there is a good manual (PDF) or Book tht you can recommend me to do high speed design in Altium designer? IF it is for free better..hehehe. On the other hand I am looking for some kind of online training and I have found only this one which fits with my requirements: Can anyone g
What kind of courses are you looking for? By "RF basics" I would assume you mean electromagnetics - I doubt you'd find many "professional" (i.e. outside of a university) courses on this (but it could be different in your country). There are of course many online resources - free textbooks, tutorials, etc. If you don't want to go the school (...)
there are free online courses are available...check out
At present I am pursuing BE (Electronics) final year interested to take part in an online certification course for a short term so that it would be useful in the interviews. I am interested in Electronic packaging but practically its not possible I guess. ( If any other ) So, please suggest me some free online short term electronic certifica
Hi All , i am a pcb designer having 7 yrs. EXP. I am looking for any Electronics Certification course(online or Distance) ,except IPC ( i know about it) pls help ,
Hello, I'm just a recently graduate student and i'm looking for online courses/e-learning courses about PCB design, or some info in Internet, i would like to learn how to design PCB's since a zero level and do it in a good way. A good book can be good too, well, i would like some advices, links, i don't know any help will be very good and (...)
HI I have completed M.Tech in VLSI and I am in US now and I want to complete VLSI course online or VLSI Certification or if I get training on CAD/EDA tools it will be very helpful. could ypu please help me out. THanks
Altera offers free online courses. Example:
.... can you please send me a link of free online tools for calculation ? Here is a link for downloading a rather versatile program for designing passive filters:
provide online courses for free i think there is two courses that you may like them VLSI CAD : Logic to Layout MOS Transistor by Yannis Tsividis you can enroll in the class for free and watch videos do homewor
Looking for online training courses? Find out the certified course list of online training - online IT Learning education courses are designed with the help of IT visit our website : http:
This is something SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) could help with very easily. See as well as many other online resources for SystemVerilog assertions.
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good book for intel microprocessors ?? I mean modern processors ,not the 80x86 stuff,Xeon or Core or Pentium. any online courses would be good too. thanks in advance.
911EDA is looking for an instructor to teach Altium Designer training courses. Our course is designed to teach people how to use the Altium Designer tool (not how to design or layout a board). We have a manual that can be followed. courses are taught online and run for 4 full days about every 6 weeks. If you know how to use Altium (...)
You can get all this here. NPTEL video lectures Free online courses and video lectures from best online colleges and universities.
I think Cmos edu is a very good free online course, you can visit this cource Regard.
This should give you some idea: online CS Modules: Subtraction with One's Complement