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Check your mosfet ontime and offtime delay and add both values. Your pwm frequency should be more than delay times. If you set limit of frequency some far from datasheet value it will be so safe.
Hi there all, I am new in programming, I am learning at school about C programing using the Real Time Kernel from ontime Company. My problem is that I have a project where I need to make a C program where I use data acquisition in C using RTKernel and have a PID controller, my problem is how can I do data acqusition with RTKernel. If somebody can
Hi, It is easy to meaure the currrent for a flash light system I = Imaxontime/(ontimexofftime) ---------- Post added at 18:23 ---------- Previous post was at 18:22 ---------- sorry for the mistake in formula I = Imaxontime/(ontime+offtime)
Nobody else can help with this without full and accurate information on the data each node must transmit and the total amount of time that takes(worst case). By compiling the data you need to get help - you will have done the job yourself. TDM is exactly what it sounds like. ontime and offtime per node. The complications arise from ha
Hi, I think you are running the dsPIC at 3.0v or 3.3v, and you are measuring the voltage with a DMM or DVM. The meter shows the average value, 1.43v as you have 50% on time and 50% off time, so your average voltage is around 1.5v and you get 1.43v The voltage during ontime is probably 3.0v and not 1.43v as you have measured. Does your LED bli
hi all...i need urgently to know the right setting of the ontime and offtime in the clk i am using to run the digital cct in the 5-level d.c.i. when i am using .55555555 ms for both on and offtime of it i got a good response but shifted little from zero when it starts the zero should shift little more to the y-axis...i just need the sett
Hi all, I have a project, below is the requirement: -> Control LED brightness + blinking rate(ontime and OFFtime). I am able to control the LED brightness using PWM. My idea is using Timer to set the blinking. How can I compile the PWM and TIMER together? Microcontroller: Freescale (MC9S08JM16) example: I need to set the LED as b
D is the duty-cycle, that is the ontime/OFFTIME of the switching transistor. Actually what you got is an approximation for D≈Vout/Vin ; the formula in the document is incorrect. The correct formula for D in a continuous current mode buck is this: D=(Vout+Vd)/(Vin-Vsw+Vd), where Vd is the voltage drop across the diode and Vsw is the
If you are meaning the RTKernel from ontime, they provide all manuals on own site. I downloaded it freely year ago.