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hi i tried to understand the following parameters for root raised cosine filter in cadence but did not getting correct o/p.: alpha over_samples group_delay frame_time numChipsOut can any one guide how to set the parameters for 50Gb/s square wave for ook modulation. Thanks
indeed, that chip seems to be FSK modulation only. You need one that is "ook" modulation. Additionally that chip uses: "The Clock Recovery Circuit (CLKRC) is used to render a synchronized clock source to recover the data using an external microcontroller. The CLKRC works by sampling the preamble on the received data. The preamble (...)
hello everyone! I'm try to simulate ook modulation. EX I have seri bits :. i don't know how to modulate it by ook. you can tell me, how to do it and what shape signal. thank you Hi Bangbi, What You mean with "I'm try to simulate ook modulation." ? What you use, what simulator? What compi
Hi, Is there any difference between ook and ASK? Thank you.
Please please help me in this: I need a matlab code showing Rb/BW (i.e. bit rate/bandwidth) versus SNR for ook modulation... Thanks and awaiting your responses! :)
Hello everyone, please help urgently... I want a matlab code for Eb/No versus R/W for ook modulation that shows that shows that the ISD of ook is 1 bit/sec/Hz Your help will be highly appreciated :)
Keeping the carrier on and using the cut off of the carrier to mark the positions is good practice xD. If a micrel ook RF demodulator is used the AGC time constant can be adjusted to avoid the gain ramping up too fast during off keying. By the description, it reads like the discussion is about AM modulation. FM modulation gives more noise (...)
Ηi i am doing a project for free space optical communications. So i read that the most famous modulation is ook and PPM. So, about ook i understand it. For PPM it is a pulse modulation. The pulses propagate through the space ?????? without any optic carrier? thanks a lot
Hi. I've been trying to build a simple radio remote control system. I wish to use microcontrollers (AVR micros) as the heart of transmitter and reciever circuits. The system is going to be simple, it transfers just two different commands (I represent them using binary codes). Also the distance of transmission won't be very high (about 20-30 meters
I am looking for resources related to ADS: block level simulations in 2.4GHz RF transceiver design. Please help Thanks I would recommend starting with the RF System DesignGuide in ADS. From any schematic, select DesignGuide > RF System > RF System Tests and Basic modulation Types.
hey all, Im still new to ADS agilent and I need to generate an ook modulated signal with a data rate of 10kbps and an rf carrier of 2GHz. Can anyone help? Thanks alot
I like to test out a concept on simulation (Pspice) and need advice from the gurus. Overview: - Tx/Rx optical communication system - ook modulation is used Receiver: Incoming Signal -> Amplifier -> BPFilter -> Demodulator I have the following questions: - BPFilter introduces significant group delay (Assuming 4 pole, active filter), do
Low cost radio transmitters are in fact using a kind of AM: Simple ASK or ook (on-off keying). It can be easily implemented at any frequency, but it's very unusual at 2.4 GHz, I think. You also have complex modulation techniques like QAM, but as you apparently targetting to simple methods, they most likely aren't an option. So FSK variants are the
hi.. i am doing a project on designing a transceiver in ansoft designer in ook modulation for 2.4Ghz i have done simulation of simple transceiver (transmitter and receiver separately), but I'm not able to do it in ook modulations... can anyone plz help me in designing transceiver in ansoft desingner or any similar file (...)
ook modulation & demodulation in analog ASIC design ? how i can reach to transistor circuit act as a mod & Dem to use it in analog ASIC design *layout* i got one in mod but in dem hardly any buddy can help me:-);-):|
To show you how your module work, you should give some info about them. From what you're saying it seems that these modules use ook modulation. The transmitter need an accurate frequency set, it can be through a SAW filter if you haven't seen any XTAL on board. My guess is that you are right: you can see the TX as a simple data modulator to 315 M
hello , how are u all i need help to find matlab code for FSK modulation & PSK & ook &PRK and also bit error curve of all modulation above VS SNR thanks in advance
Hi, I am adding strong noise which has zero mean to an ook modulation. I use for that the matlab function 'randn'. But after this, I apply a chebyshev 3? order bandpass filter and I don't really know if the output signal would have the same property of zero mean or not? Thanks in advance
what is the data rate generally taken for the beacon transmission in morse code (ook modulation) so the signal can be perceived by the ham users
we have an assignment to look for different ASK circuits. And then we'll try it in Multi-sim (workbench) so that we could see the output.. please help. thanks =D
helo.. can anyone help me.. how to do simulink for ook,8psk,bpsk..pleazzzz help me....:cry:
i am not getting the calling of function in the program of ook modulation.plz haelp me out
This is a VERY basic transmitter for ook but it will probably work despite it's limited capabilities (output power, frequency agility, modulation). Replace the 27.145 MHz crystal with the wanted 40 MHz frequency (if you can find one), perhaps tweak some values for frequency tweaking and you're off to go.
You can use u'C i/o transmit & receive bit-shift-data by ook modulation. Because SM6136 is a encode(or deode) ook modulation data by pulse length & pulse count.
Should be ok if it is FM and feed the output to a discriminator, or very slow ook where you use the log amp as the am detector
Hello, Many low cost ism transceiver support ook , ASK and FSK. can we make MSK modulation with these chips even if it'n not clearly specified in the data sheet. I saw in some book that MSK is a special cas of FSK with DF=datarate/2. Is a modem that support GFSK can modulate and demodulate in GMSK ? Sincerely
You will need a local phase reference to do the angels. QAM is expensive enough to do that you should not economize on the detector method. Using the I and Q coherent detectors and level slicers should be done. If you are making a low cost system, ook or FSK would be cheaper.