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Dear all, I'm a little bit "rusty" with signal conditioning so, with the aim to review analog design, I would like to design a signal conditioning circuit for an oscilloscope input. I've not great expectations with bandwidth (<5Mhz) but I would like to input max 400V signals DC & AC with 1MOhm || 50pF employng opamp or bjt. (...)
Hi all I have a question about bandgap design. Do I need high gain opamp for bandgap? Thanks
This design is extremely popular since the input works below ground on a single supply and is very cheap to produce.108199 Thanks! Yes, the one you showed is a bjt opamp with pnp pair input so that the input can go below ground.
I'm trying to build and piece an multistage amplifier with the specifications below: 1. Two inputs one plus , one negative 2. Capable of driving a 50 K ohm load to + 10 V 3. Frequency response DC - 10MHz + 2 db. 4. The input impedance must be at least 1 Megohm 5. The output impedance must be less than 50 ohms 6. Only discrete de
hi I want good book for learn me the component (such as diode - transistor (bjt-FET-MOSFET) -opamp) from A to Z. and how to design circuit .the component of this circuit is transistor what the relation of current Ib and Ic and beta ..all of this Iwont be learn :) can use simulation program for implement the circuit ....really (...)
i wanna design/simulate an opamp with bjt and with the least componentsss ,can someone please help me out,any help would b very much appreciated,thanks in advance :)
I know, this circuit can be found in the internet. However, it does not work. Why not? It is derived from the original Hartley bjt circuit without considering that the bjt acts as a current source. That means: Large output resistance. In your circuit and with Rout=0 the inductor L0 is useless as it acts as a load only and has no influence on feedba
i want to design audio amp with 20w output using bjt and opamp if any body knows plz try to help me.sorry for my bad English.if possible mention theoretical calculation also thanks in advance.
Hi. Let me see if I understand you correct. You want to build a working opamp with only bjt's and resistors? Or, you want to build something and need to find an opamp that satisfies those criterias mentioned?
Hi Yitch, First you need to understand the concept of PTAT and CTAT in bandgap reference. if you dont understand the complete circuit of bandgap then just break it into several pieces. like opamp, current mirror, diode or bjt combination, role of two resistor if you are using first order circuit. it is not too difficult
Hi, I am trying a BGR design (Pls see the attached file ). Initially I am just forcing a constant voltage to both the bjt's which is normally done thru an opamp. I dont know if there is the correct way but I did like that bcoz I dont have a very good opamp design with me as of now (I am doing it as part of (...)
Hi. I cannot make up a functional current source that works for both negative and positive currents. For either positive OR negative currents I can always put together an opamp to a bjt (or fet) that have a emitter resistor to ground with back coubling to the opamp from the emitter on bjt. I tried to draw some (...)
Recently i started to work on bjt design. any one of you please explain me th edesign with an example. some of the like tis 1. which one to use NPN or PNP. what are conditions it favouable the usage of NPN and PNP. 2. sizing the area of bjt
can anyone tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of opamps designed with bjts vs and that designed with CMOS???
what amplifier do you need? current or voltage? also what r u planning to use FET or bjt or opamp....
What are the complications in deriving CMOS opamp from the existing bjt opamp.And also how to decide the process technology for the design.And what parameters we have to look for in particular process technology?
maybe, such as bjt and gAas process will benefit for very high speed opamp design.
i am trying to design a reference voltage buffer for switched -cap ADC stage, which has a working clock up to 100~160Mhz. I need a wide-band opamp to get setting time shorter... but dont know where to begin with. any hint,spec,topology about wide-band opamp will be appreciated P.S.since the ADC works at 160MHz, i guess it's BW (...)
Can I couple 1-2 bjt to design a differential gain to single ended output with high CMRR? I want to put a preamp for the electret mic and don't want to use an opamp. Maybe I will have to. thanks ahgu