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Agree with comments from Klaus and schmitt trigger. My suggestion would be to use a P channel mosfet and for the voltage feedback have a resistor divider at node B itself. No need for opamp. The resistors values have to be in hundreds of k ohm to minimize the current consumption.
3 small notes in addition to crutschow's suggestion: 1. Instead of the ?5V power supply I'd suggest to use a ?15V (or: +15/-5V) power supply, if you can't get a true rail-to-rail input amplifier (the max. 5V input voltage must fit into the admissible input range of the opamp). 2. The load resistance for your input voltage source (V4) i
I don't think a single opamp can provide enough current for fast switching but you don't provide any info about the implementation either.
i want to design a local LDO (with internal-chip CL)for pre-regulator for my one sub-module, the loading current is 20uA or so. then, what structure can i use? if i use miller two-stage opamp, can it be OK? and what value of CL should i use? 1pF can be OK? is there any suggestion? and what aspects should i consider in my LDO design? thanks all.
1/(2piCR) assuming the frequency response isn't limited by the opamp or adversely affected by the photodiode capacitance. With that value of feedback capacitor I would expect it to dominate. Keith
Folks, I?m building a battery charger (500kHz boost), and designing my own control loop for it. Is there a way to estimate what bandwidth should the control loop opamp have? Is there a rule of thumb? Any suggestion, insight or reference is really appreciated! Cheers, - Nick
Hello, I was wondering if it is feasible to build a 741 opamp out of discrete components. The internal schematic is clear and no double emitter transistors used. What I need is a suggestion for the transistors that could be used. (this will be used in a sweep circuit)
Thank you emresel for you suggestion but i have the IR transmitter and the IR receiver. I need a schematic with a opamp that rejuct the noise. ;-)
Hi, I ve created a Pspice schematics of a 3 opamp instrumentation amplifier. I need to plot the CMRR for the there any direct way to plot the same ie CMRR Versus Frequency.?
Hello, I want to use differential amplifier for voltage sensing for my embedded controller. Any suggestion for reccomended high CMRR opamp or high CMRR dif. amp IC? I want to reduce the noise as low as possible. Thanks.
Hi ricopt, I also need to measure slew rate, output swing, cmrr, psrr, offset of opamp in Mentor Graphics. Can u give me any suggestion?
If you dont need much current to perform that control a very simple solution would be to use a wide supply range opamp and double your voltage. The circuit itself is very simple, you can take a look at the web for non-inverting amplifier ciruit. You jus need to take care with the opamp output. If you want to use the whole control range i would reco
Hello all, Could anyone please tell me how to do monte carlo analysis for telescopic opamp in PSPICE. I have designed the opamp, i need to know what parametes i need to change in the MOSFET model. Any reasonable suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Dear all. I have a problem with the OPM, it's designed for +- 1.65V, but i try to use in +3.3V -GND, all the performance is difference, i thought i have the wrong way when simulate it in single power supply, Please give me some suggestion. Thank you. Are you aware that in case of powering an opamp with single supply you
You are looking for a DC restoration circuit. The simplest one uses a diode. But your signal level has to be greater than what you have. So my suggestion is amplify the signal and then use a diode or opamp-based ideal-diode to do the DC restoration. Take a look at this article, too.
any suggestion on how to design a temperature sensor using ADC, lm35 n microcontroller.... I would suggest you to use an opamp to condition the sensor to the scale to which the ADC responds and then interface it . Ts
Hi friends, i have to design an opamp in 130nm umc foundry process.This is going to be used in a dual slope adc for the integrator and comparator part .The inputs to this opamp will be biomedical signals like eeg or ecg which have frequencies like from few hertz to 100-200 hz. The supply voltage is 1.2v and i require a opamp with atleast (...)
Anybody done before & any good suggestion or related documents?
I am designing a 10bit pipeline ADC. The schematic simulation shows that the odd harmonics are too large(especially,the third harmonic is 55dB). Can anybody give me some suggestion on how to find the reason? Thanks. sampling swith opamp (settling time) reference (settling time)
find the document ,which my give u come idea hot to characterise the opamp regards, vijay
hi, im aware of simulating inductor using opamp. do capacitors can be done same way? Try simulation using an external series resistor and inductance (see attachment). I have not tried this out (this is just a suggestion).
How to layout the cascode opamp on RAZAVI'S book ,figure 9.48? Any suggestion? In figure 9.48, (1) put the M1,M2 ,M1P,M2P in the middle of M9 ,M10 ,M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8 (2)put the M1, M2 ,M1P,M2P just in the left or right of M3 to M10 which one will be better?
my suggestion, 1. check the ideal opamp first, run AC , TRAN with step response and feedback including. 2. check the opamp u designed carefully, do (1) again 3. check ur non-overlapped clock, especially the sequence of clocks
suggestion of VVV is good. U can use a power opamp if you need more current. Some power opamps are LM675, L465A, OPA547T/F.
Any suggestion on papers or links on designing op-amp for sallen-key filter to be used on baseband. Also papers and links on designing programmable gain amplifiers and limiters for RSSI. Thanks
Hi, What things should be considered when design audio codec with sigma delta ADC ? What is the requirement of the opamp for example ? thanks vita
Hi, I am interested in designing a low power low voltage opamp, can anybody give me any suggestion? Thank in advance.