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I want to charge and discharge a capacitor using sine wave from opamp. How to generate it. Please help with sample circuit.
I think a SIM program causes this oscillator to sit calmly with the opamp inputs at 0V. Noise, input offset voltage or a good swift KICK would get it going. I betcha that even a two-transistors multivibrator with equal value parts also will not start oscillating by itself in a SIM program. I tried it in LTspice IV and it does not start oscilla
Hi, I want to do an LED breathing circuit as a part of a project without any microcontroller. I have many designs , one is a dual opamp based triangular wave generator, another one is a 555 + single transistor based circuit and few more circuits based of 3 or 4 transistors and all are working fine. But my question is, is there an
There's a million of them. Do a google search for "square wave circuit". You can do this with an opamp, 3 resistors and a capacitor.
Your "triangle wave" has curved sides because it is very simply produced by the capacitor being charged and discharged by a resistor. If the circuit is an integrator with an opamp then the triangle wave will be almost perfect.
dear all i need to generate a sine wave of any freq and amp. i found many circuits on internet but i want anyone to share practical circuit. if someone tried it earlier please share. thanks in advance. - - - Updated - - - I think I should say oscillator rather generator. I need opamp based sine wave oscillator circuit.
It's to simple. you can use an RC circuit with an buffered opamp at the output of your Fast TTL Circuit. If you want to control from software you can use an adjustable resistance or may be pump circuit. Another approch is an simple DAC with an FPGA triangle wave generator. It is very easy to control but a little difficult to implement in (...)
Referring to Post #1, when the PNP transistor changes its states (on/off), it introduces a sudden step current in R1 (as an increase or decrease). The spike at the opamp output is the relatively low speed response of the LM324 to this step current edge (though small). Obviously the effect of this step current at each transistion could be lowered by
An amplifier could be an attenuator when it has a voltage gain less than 1. On the other hand, using an opamp allows to improve drive capability because its output impedance.
what can be the max output frequency for voltage controlled oscillator using dual op-amp tl082...??? and how the values of r,r1,r2 and c be adjusted to get that frequency...???
Due Ire already using an opamp, just recalculate it gain. +++
You can use the sinusoidal wave generator (sine) which has only one connection point (signal), the other end is already connected to the gnd. The second solution is to use a VSINE component which is exactly as your first picture, you can find it in the components (opamp icon under the arrow, second icon from the top and there press letter P (...)
I have a 6v 1.3A battery and I want an opamp that works with it. I want the opamp tp draw as much current as it can from the battery. My question is, which part of an opamp datasheet should i be looking at in order to meet my needs. I think i understand the the voltage part but i don't understand how you can tell how much current will be (...)
My Op Amp (non-inverting) does not work. I see the function generator signal on the oscilloscope channel 1 but I dont see a sine wave output of the opamp on channel 2. Any help is appreciated.......
I am not sure about the circuit.But you can get think of that. The circuit looks like a modulator.Like CW modulator(carrier wave modulator used in morse code generator) The switch acts as message input.The vin is a carrier frequency. The opamp acts as a low pass filter.The opamp works for low band carrier and will not (...)
ic'S for this are few and far. There is difficulty getting a stable oscillator. waht about PIC to give square wave which yuo filter with opamp filter to a sine wave?...then amplify it to what ever amplitude you want
you may use opamp 741 ic or a simple oscilltor consisting of a bjt and some resister/capcitors can work for you.
You can build a sine-wave generator with one opamp .. see picture below .. and using another opamp (Schmitt trigger) you can convert sine wave to square wave .. To calculate frequency use the following formula: 2Πf = 1.73/RC Regards, IanP
What charges up the capacitor? How is that implemented? Normally, a current source or an opamp acting as a current source will do the job, so if the current is not constant, then the ramp will not be linear. That is the first thing I would check.
Hi i need 50hz 3-phase sine wave generator (opamp based preferred) have any design / link ?