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As said, the question isn't related to saturation at all, simply a matter of transformer impedance respectively percent X and R. It's relative high for a small transformer, the datasheet says 35% voltage drop between open circuit and rated load. Can be read as about 35 percent Z, so short (...)
It sounds as though you want the IC to test for no load and short circuit at startup. I suppose it can test for a short during the first cycle. But I think it cannot detect absence of load, until it performs a cycle or two and voltage soars high enough that it decides it has to shut down. Come to think of (...)
What does physically happen when a receiver antenna in open circuit/ and short circuit mode is exposed to RF signal? Is the power reflected back?
The input impedance of transmission line is given by Zo*(1 + Γ*exp(-2*γ*l))/(1 - Γ*exp(-2*γ*l)). Where Γ is the reflection coefficient at the load end, l is the length of the line and γ is the propagation constant. For short circuit Γ is -1 and open cicuit Γ is 1. Thus (...)
Hi, A switching open collector circuit has two output states: * high impedance * low impedance (short) to GND. For the first supply a typical open collector is the way to go. For the second one, there are informations missing: current direction and typical voltage. I guess a second open (...)
Hi, A open collector (or open drain) circuit needs a resitor as pullup. The bjt switches to GND, when activated. The resistor limits the current to a safe value and pulls the voltage to VCC when the bjt is not activated. The benefit is, that there will never be a short circuit condition (...)
Yes, the open stubs tend to radiate, but by this reason (radiation losses) they get better "short circuit" to the ground, and they are more often used in microwave circuits than grounded stubs.
@1.6GHz you should be able to contrive a simple shorted 1/4 wave stub as the DC injection choke, then cap, GDT and transorb the hell out of the DC end of the choke, that way the RF short circuit at the end of the stub is transformed to an open at the feedline at the operating frequency so the capacitance of (...)
C_mitra mean't was short a pair at one end and make sure you get a short at the other end. If you get an open then make a note of the which wires make your pair up. Change one wire for any other and see if the open circuit stays, then its the unchanged wire. If it comes good (...)
Tina TI nags all the time with error messages :), and you can set some components to open or short, not sure if it always shows what will work or not though. Maybe any of the Spice variations also, as it is the same/ a similar platform.
119728 I simulation cable model circuit for circuit Vsource=30kV AC when C27 have 15kV S1 is short C27 to 0V and open circuit any loop but!!! I don't have plot graph by current C28(2) How any thing sim this circuit? or 0ther program support this (...)
I understood you have to calculate the length L of a coaxial transmission line at wich the input impedance is a short circuit when it's left open at the other side. at a length equal to a quarter wavelength (and it repeats every rotation of pi) an open circuit at a side of a line will be (...)
When you say "shut the circuit off", do you mean open circuit the input voltage or short out the output current? Frank
I understand that you have one model with two antennas, and each antenna is connected to a port. Now you want to simulates the interaction between the two antennas. First you get S21 from the 2-port simulation. Then, instead of creating two additional 1-port EM models (one with antenna 2 shorted, the other with antenna 2 (...)
If a solar panel is open circuit and the sun shines, then what happens to the charge generated, does it charge up and up and blow up the solar panel?
To suppress the ringing after Tx , you may need to short out the transducer with transistor active switch to ground for <1ms , rather than open circuit switch. The tail of the high impedance resonant energy will be absorbed quickly. ( Like a motor/generator brake effect) That should work using one shot or some equiv. cct.
I wish to design a buck converter for charging 12 V and 7 Ah Lead Acid battery from PV panels. My panels are: 21.1 V: open circuit Voltage (Input to buck converter) 4.12 A: short circuit Current (Input to buck converter) I need buck converter of output 4 A, 15 V = 60 W What is the watt rating of your (...)
How do you plan to convert the 3V to 9V efficiently? Is 3V the MPT operating voltage (max power transfer) or the open circuit voltage and short circuit current at max solar input power? I assume you phone uses 9V input down to 6V? Is that a Lithium rechargeable 9V cell? I think a 1N4100 (not IN4100) is (...)
Data terminators are usually 50 , 60,75,93 etc or 120 ohm for coax and twisted pair or CAT5 for single ended. some are not short circuit protected if used to pullup to Vcc. Metal,Film,resistors,usually,fail in open circuit mode. So use two 100 Ohm in parallel and check.
You do not say what current your sagging 12 AC line has to cope with. If you wire the secondary of a low voltage transformer in series with your 12 AC and put a short on the primary of the transformer, you will get only the leakage inductance in series with it. If you open circuit the primary (Beware high voltage), you will (...)