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i found book in .djvu extension how to open it any software suppor plz help its urgent regards dhruva
greets 2all,how can i open rar files using red-hat/mandrake?and djvu files.thnx in advance.
What is the .djuv format?
Using a default install of Ubuntu Hardy I was able to open djvu files in the included document viewer. Cheers H
i downloaded from here floyd digital book but i couldnt open it coz it is ( .djvu) can any one here help me open it thanx
Hi there, how can i open a book with "djvu" Extension?? what is the needed program ? thanks.
Hi............ How to open .djvu files.......... thanks
I regret that i could not the to open the book after decompressed it because it was the ".divu" , and i don't konw how to open it can you help me ! waiting for your reply ! ths you can download the djvu viewer from lizardTech to view the file.
guys can u pls tell how to open *.djvu file.. which software and where to get the softwares....
Hi, I have got few books with the extension *.djvu but I donnot have the softwares to open it. Can any body help in this regard. Is there any software avaliable in EDABOARD. Thanks and Regards Shaikh Sarfraz
download djvu plugin and use it to open the file you may get it by typing : 'djvu browser plugin download' in google
Guys, I have downloaded some files of this type. The problem is I have no software to open it. Is there any kind of free ware topen these files? Thanks
open with djvu browser or a plug-in. It is a 2 pages about basic transistor properties. Very good!
The Problem: you open the djvu file with your browser but you have the (now) unuseful browser Toolbars and your browser doesn't open in full screen. The Solution: to open your browser as a kiosk running it with command-line switch. What I mean? Normally you will see the djvu extension associated (...)
if you go to and search for "djvu" you will find nothing, however browsing a bit I found how to install the a djvu plugin in Opera, see: p.s. I have a Runtime C++ library error each time Opera tries to open a djvu file
HI WHITCH PROG CAN I open .djvu ?????????????? is this photo or programme???????????????