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Hai all. Please anybody help me on this. I'm using C8051F120 micro controller. In data sheet, they said that any GPIO Pin can be configured as either PUSH-PULL output or open drain Output. I initially doesn't know about what PUSH-PULL and open drain are? In this forum I found the following explanation regarding (...)
Hey I just got confused with IO ports of microcontrollers. 1. Are IO ports in all the micro controllers uses open drain configuration? 2. Correct me If I am wrong when IO port is used as input it is always deliberately pulled up to positive high voltage as if its left open (...)
Your code is absolutely right dear.. I mean to say that... the pin RA4 of your controller is RA4 is a Schmitt Trigger input and an open drain output. open drain output means, it is not having capability to drive the load connected at its output... Just like the port-0 in 8051 (...)
In my recent project I want to use RA0-RA4 as output port. I already know that RA4 can only use as input port also can use as open drain type output port. Can I use it as other output port using following circuit.
I2C uses open drain configuration so multimaster environment using 8052 without I2C interface is not good idea. What you can do is use I2C driver IC such as PCD8584 or similar (see Philips application note AN25) Added after 5 minutes: Here is the link to another application note AN425: www.semicon

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