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Hi, A tristate or open drain output buffer in the output direction, and a input buffer in the input direction. Then you have different lines for input and output. Klaus
What are the common IC output types of digital ICs (FPGA/CPU etc...) ? I can list "open drain" and "push-pull". Anything else ?
Sounds like you are trying to make a 8051 output port source current to the opto coupler. As you can read from the data sheet, they aren't intended for this operation, they are just open drain outputs with a weak pull-up. The most simple method would be to operate the output active low rather than active (...)
hi. i need output buffer for my vco, i want to use open drain NMOS topology. i need to drive instrument which is 50ohm load, my frequency is 433MHz ISM. how do I size and test the buffer? do i do SP or LSSP and make sure S11 in minimum at 433MHz and Z11=50Ohm at 433MHz? What should testbench look like? gate (...)
Hi there, somebody please help: I have a voltage buffer with an open-drain output stage(NMOS) as shown below. The simulation shows good tracking of the output voltage(with respect to the input voltage) but now I got the silicon and the buffer seems to have problem tracking the input when (...)
Does an open-drain or open-collector ouput pin can supply Vol if external pullup is not added? ---- have got the answer One more new question: Do I need to add two pullups to both side of the buffer if I connected a open-drain or open-collector signal to that (...)
open-drain outputs are outputs which at any given time are either actively sinking current (i.e., low voltage, typically considered logic 0) or are high impedance, but which never source current (high voltage, logic 1) .. open-drain refers to the drain terminal of a MOS FET (...)
Hi everyone, For RFIC LNA measurement, many papers included a open-drain output buffer to drive 50 ohm instrument. May i know why we need to include the driver for measurement purpose? The included driver will affect the LNA performance or not? Thanks, Chun Lee
Try an open drain buffer with 50Ohms of termination. Rgds
Hi ALL, Can anyone show me how to differentiate open_drain type output buffer and open_SOURCE type output buffer? Why sometimes we use open_drain type buffer but sometime open_SOURCE type (...)
Hi, is propagation delay of interest?? (building a circuit with multiple voltage shifters) ... or simply build an open-drain styled outputstage using e. g. FETs that is driven by your Spartan II) Can you give us more information about your application?? regards, Maddin