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Don't want to harp on about the broken interrupt code. Possible reasons why the PC terminal is behaving different on two computers: - trivial explanation. You don't manage to open the right COM port with correct baud rate. - similar problem level. The terminal software has different settings on both computers. - less obvious. You are using U
Hell I have local host wamp server. I want to Control serial port on Windows via php program. I Googled I looked that we need to configure port, we need to open and then close. but still I am not getting starting point. Please tell what should be in php to send data to serial port
Why someone should push you to provide detailed explanation of your problem to us? You should open COM port and readout input buffer. That's how it works. And don't forget to close the port before close application.
is it possible to access the same serial com port simultaneously? i.e one in visual basic and the same (COM1) in proteus virtual terminal In general when one opens a COM port in VB etc it will lock so other programs cannot access it it may be able to open it as a shared file??? never tried it though?? oth
Hi all, I have a Embedsky 2440 and I want to open it's serial port and send some hex data' i don't know what is the name to open. I open "/dev/tq2440_serial0" and write my hex data but there is no response . any suggestion will be appreciated.
have you got the COM port open in another program such as hyperterm or TeraTerm?
No Hyperterminal is present in Windows 7, so i am doubting your technique to use software. HW Hercules, and in serial tab, open the Desired COM port. Apart from that, try using module with different baud rates. Maybe it is configured for some other baud rate
ok you just connect the max in to system via serial port,connect MAX Tx pin to MAX Rx pin and open hyper terminal in to your system. Type the character from your keyboard .Check,whether the character is displaying or not in hyper terminal. if yes your MAX is Good.otherwise you have to replace MAX,before that connection checking is (...)
You need to decide the medium of communication between the controller and your PC. Then the software running on PC should open that particular port and wait for command. When the command arrives, process it and initiate some task or anything else.
Solution: open device manager -> ports (COM & LPT) then Right click the port you want to change then select "Properties", on "port" Settings tab click on "Advanced" and select a free port in COM port number list. In my case I changed "Device application Interface" from com4 to com 12 then (...)
Hello! There is no ComX on Linux. Basically if you want to open a port, you do: fd = fopen("/dev/ttyS0", RDWR); or something like that (google is your friend), and then you can read and write in your file handle. Of course you have to set the bit rate. Dora.
I am unable to open serial port in WinXP using C. It is returning error even though the correct COM port has been specified. The code is given below: #include #include #include void main () { HANDLE hserial; hserial = (...)
You may try the control called "openFileDialog" in toolbox Ex:
hi, you can access to ur device through UART by opening the device driver. in c it wud be like this: int fd; // file descriptor fd = open("/dev/YOUR_DRIVER", OPTION); //OPTION can be read only or write only, take a look at open system call if (fd < 0) { // couldnt open driver, exit(0); } write("some byte"); // send or (...)
I use a virtual serial port like: Eterlogic - VSPE: tool for serial ports emulation Run that, then open up a terminal emulator like: Terminal Software Once the two are connected, I can test the concept. Then write another VB program to talk on the v
Is there any VB 6 based software template available which communicates with controller via serial port. or code template for serial port communication with VB. Please send the links. I am new to VB. I tried serial port complete pc code with out success. Thanks in advance.
I've used Xport (from Lantronix, about $45 US). It has a simple serial port that you just read and write to; the device takes care of the ethernet stuff. On the other end you just need a simple program to open a socket and read or write to it. Basically this is no different than using any serial (...)
In communication settings, The serial port status is closed instead being open when it is connected to the computer. what may be the probable reason?:roll:
Hi sri, it is posible with matlab to make communication with com port all u need to do is open the port and send what ever data you want to send. ---------- Post added at 05:16 ---------- Previous post was at 05:11 ---------- here find the code for that Var=open("serial"); (...)
If you have a recent version of Visual Studio 2008 or 2010, it is fairly straight forward. To find the current port assigned to the device, open your Device Manager, in the Control Panel in the System Dialog Window, look under ports in the device tree. You'll see your USB/serial device and port number if the (...)
Hi I think this address be useful : serial port Communication in C# | Your Electronics open Source
Use ttl converter RS232 between PC and Sim300 then connect to PC's serial port then open Hyper Terminal Use baud rate 9600 chose desired connected serial port and type "AT" enter.......... That it........
for hardware, via the PCs serial port, you can use a relay to open the door lock. for this, of course you must set serial port on the software.
if u have connected Tx and Rx to 13 and 14th pin of MAX 232 in output side *then short 11 and 12th pin of the max232 * open the hyperterminal *enter some keys from the keyboard of your computer *then if that driver is working , the entered data will display on the hyperterminal You should never short
Test modem using AT commands. Connect GSM to system using serial cable. open Hyperterminal,,, set port number properly.. set the settings to 9600-8 data bits-1stop bit- parity none- hardware control - none. Type AT on screen modem replies as OK ike that refer the AT commands and type those commands and make modem work
There is no AT commands #@ is Start of command ascii sequence follow these steps connect your LCD to PC open Hyper terminal with correct buad setting and serial port/com port after first command wait for atleast 30sec and 10sec gap between each command #@Reboot #@Display On #@FloatWin open 10 10 200 200 (...)
Seems straight forward with hardware provided by your link, it should be like this, connect the hardware, install driver, open a com port through Mscomm component in VB6 or serial port in with 9600 baud rate ... (specified settings in data sheet), start sending your data (like mscomm1.output "blablabl command" in which part (...)
Hi, I think first Pc open port and wait command from PIC. When Pc get command, then turns on camera and begin image processing and at last send data to PIC. So in this project, you should use C++ to serial comunication program. And also the camera should provide control API to C++. And image processing is depend on your project purpose, (...)
Windows 7 > Start menu > Device Manager > Find your dedicated port > open Properties > will be at resources or details XP > Same: just find Device Manager
....I have configured the uC port pins of sdata and sclock in open drain also what does it mean? srizbf 21stmay2010
Hi, try this: #include #include //Define a string: char str; //initialize the serial port : // serial port 10Mhz clock, open USART 19200 baud 8/n/1 openUSART( USART_TX_INT_OFF &USART_RX_INT_OFF &USART_ASYNCH_MODE&USART_EIGHT_BIT &USART_CONT_RX (...)
Hi, I have a configuration consisting of: 1. my Atmega168 MCU connected to some servo motors and sensors, and 2. my Linksys WRT54GL router working under openWRT Linux WhiteRussian 9. 3. they have a working and tested serial connection. Now my problem. I open a file descriptor to my serial port (...)
Search JDM2 programmer if you have a working serial port at you disposal. Alternatively schematics of open source usb programmers are also availaible on the internet.
Try to perform the following test: Take another MAX232 and connect it to the 433-RX module, then feed the output from MAX232 (RS-232 level) back to the PC’s serial port (rx-pin) .. Now when you open Hyperterminal, type something – you should see on the PC’s screen ECHO from whatever you just typed .. This will ensure (...)
Hi you can use either a serial port or FTDI usb ->serial .Look in the doc of Vb6 how to open serial ports and parallel ports . Is really very simple!
dont open new thread for same topic for each reply
Well, this definitely not how I would do I/O on the serial port, but since I don’t intend to give a course in programming, I will just name that a proper approach is to open the file with the FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED set, provide a properly initialized OVERLAPPED structure and use different threads for reading and writing with some (...)
hi i wanna write a program to read analog values and send it via serial port to computer this is my program its does not work i dont know where is the problem $regfile "m16def.dat" $crystal = 4000000 Config Adc = Free , Prescaler = Auto Config serialout = Buffered , Size = 20 open "com1:" For Binary As #1 Enable (...)
Hi, I want to know 1. how to open a serial port through C (Windows OS) (USB com port) 2. How to send command to the decide
I assume u have all the hardware interfacing ready. 1) open the serial communication port using CreateFile 2) Set the baudrate, stopbits, etc using SetCommState 3) Read and write to the serial com using readfile and writefile 4) Assume u wish to send AT+OK, convert "AT+OK" to ascii, and send it using writefile. Thanks.
Hi mayur, You can use open serial Protocol features of S7-200 PLC. I don't remember now exactly, but it works with XMRT and RXT mnemonics of Statement List language. Go through its System Manual and you will find examples there. Regards, --micropar--
Hello, I have this Visual Basec 6 code: -------- Private Sub cmdOff_Click() With MSComm1 'make sure the serial port is open If .portopen = False Then .portopen = True 'send the data .Output = Chr$(255) .Output = Chr$(1) .Output = Chr$(0) End With 'MSComm1 End (...)
why can't you go for simple parallel port,serial port interfacing. If you want to use ethernet port interfacing with computer, it is a tough task. I had done it earlier with RTL8019AS,for that you had to implement TCP/IP stack on AVR which is complicated. If you want to use open source, search 'uip' in (...)
Hello! I'm trying to connect ds89 to pc using schematic from maxim web. The software i use is Loader420. The problem is that when i open port and try to start loader i get following msg: -- No response on reset from the 420 Make sure the serial cable is connected, that you are using the right port, and have the (...)
Need DMX512 from your PC via the USB port? Go to and check out the openDMXUSB project. Also useful for anyone wanting to do RS232 <> USB communication as there is plenty of open software for the PC software like VB6 etc. The USB to serial conversion is done with the FTDI232 chip. No software needed in the hardware only on (...)
# Author Company: WCSC (Willies Computer Software Co) open it in new window # Easy to use professional C++ serial communication class library for Windows # Price: $ 99.95 # File Size: 5.94 M
In VC++ 2005 I used CreateFile function for accessing toserial port,I see in the MSDN help of VC++ that you can open open ports as files and close them also,you can also use ReadFile and WriteFile to read and write to communication port(COM: for serial port (...)
Hi In MATLAB you can define a serial object, open it and read and write data from it using fread and fwrite. Here is an example: s = serial('com1'); s.BaudRate = 57600; s.FlowControl = 'hardware'; s.Timeout = 1000; s.OutputBufferSize = 1000; fopen(s); fwrite(s, a , 'uchar'); b = fread(s,1,'int8'); Regards
Does anybody have succes.. in windows is ok but ineed serial port control with realbasic.. even tty/s0 permision is ok i couldnt open the port REgards. serial1.serialport=System.serialport( "/dev/ttyS0" ) // uncomment for (...)
there are several example shipped with labview just open the example finder and search for serial