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I have a problem in building code for TIC2812 dsp in matlab simulink-realtime workshop. i succesfully design a model in simulik, generate code, but when i open the CCstudio(ver3.1) i find the project i generated in matlab with the necesssry source code in C++ and asm, but when i do the compilation fot the project in ccstudio some of the (...)
Yes. open simulink>SimPowerSystem>Electrical sources : Use a Controlled Current source For the control terminal, use the output from a voltmeter as the control signal. You'll find the voltmeter at: simulink>SimPowerSystem>Measurements>: Use a voltmeter.
Whatever you wish to do is already easily available in MATLAB simulink; it has 8-PSK model, Raised cosine filter model, all you need to do open a new simulink model add the PSK modulator, random signal source, RC filter and then you can use the required sinks to observe the output.
Following is the list of errors & problems working with 'matlab link of rtdx for code composer studio":- developed model using simulink & embedded it on TMS320C6711 using "embedded target for TI C6000 DSP" code#1: cc = ccsdsp; rx = cc.rtdx; open(rx,'ichan1','w'); cc.rtdx.enable('ichan1'); cc.rtdx.isenabled('ichan1') if cc.rtdx.iswritabl