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Hi folks I have just started working on cadence openaccess C++ API and checked some examples to get the idea. I am getting the outputs by running some examples on console i.e on command line. I was thinking is this also possible to get the output in some text file? If yes, then please tell me procedure to do that or with help of some example
OA = openaccess = compatible with IC6x CDB = cadence Database = compatible with IC5x I suspect you've got the correct version otherwise Assura wouldn't be integrated into your Virtuoso Layout tool. Other than that I would contact whoever provided the kit to you for support.
Is it possible to create a chip floorplan using cadence Virtuoso in openaccess format, then to convert the OA floorplan directly into .fp format for import into SoC Encounter? Or is there another way to import the OA floorplan directly into Encounter?
I didnt understand your exactly problem, why do you need an openaccess config utility window. The OA is a tool and instaled together some other tools like SoC for example.
There are two different versions of assura, one for CDBA and one for openaccess. If you installed the CDBA version of Assura but are using IC612, that's your problem. Type assura -v and see what it returns. CDBA returns: @(#)$CDS: assura version av3.2:Production:dfII5.1.41: 12/18/2008 08:30 (logavt05) $ OA returns: @(#
Hi members, I lost two days trying to convert a CDB library (developped with cadence 5141) into openaccess (to be used with cadence IC610). I'm performng the convertion in GUI mode. I could overcome the problem of black layout layers by attaching the new library to a technoly file. However Still there two problems: - Schematics of (...)
With openaccess database you can write C++ programs to extract data from the database instead of using proprietary cadence Skill codes. Many EDA tools start to support OA data format. This means for example you can use same C++ program to access database generated by cadence or Synopsys. Check this out
OA = openaccess It is shared libraries of the cadence,surpoort theopenaccess database, openaccess adoption is gaining momentum Semiconductors OA Coalition Member In-house Tools on OA Use Tools on OA 3rd Party EDA OA Coalition Member OA Support (OA API) OA Support and Facilitating EDA flow interoperability with the (...)