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For CRLH unit cell length optimization, which parameter i must select.. And also provide me with some examples for deeper insight
In Binkley's book Tradeoffs and optimization in Analog CMOS Design, chap. 5 you can find 3 optimization examples for such an amp (OTA) for 3 different bandwidths/DC gains/slew rates, incl. W/L calculation and full characterization, for 0.5?m process, however. I think this could be helpful anyway.
I also want to know more examples about it, but cannot find. I am trying to use this curve fitting optimization, but fail. The link in the original post is broken. Can you refer to a chapter in the hspice manual that describes what you think of? I know the optimizer for .measure statements. It is useful for example t
Hello mesohaib, First set the optimizer Goal , then select the parameters which you want to vary then finally run the Optimizer with default optimization method... See the below document on Filter Design & optimization examples... If you have problems upload y
Hello, I have been using the optimization feature in ADS (for Momentum). I followed one of the examples (a coupler in the documentation) to set up my own optimization. In the optimization that I use I have several traces changing length as parameters of optimization. The problem that I have (...)
There are plenty of examples in the ADS\examples directory ( or root\examples\Momentum\optimization has some good filter examples as well). Also, if you have the licenses to use the design guide (it is called something like that), then you can enter in your filter specs, and it will crank out a design for (...)
Can anyone show me the 8B10B Encoder/Decoder source code examples in Verilog? Which implementation architecture is better? Just using the look-up table or the circiuts introduced by the original IBM papers? Thank youIt depends on your optimization criteria. IMHO, memory (LUT) will give better timings, while com
Does there any example of macro of user defined goal optimization?such as coupler's phase error optimization?