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There is no tool which name is "CADENCE". Use correct terminology. My question is do I have to design layout in CADENCE then export gds file to E.M software such as hfss/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and optimization? or can I design in hfss/
Can you explain further what you mean when you say optimization?
Dear all I'm try to simulate a branch line couple in frequency band between 10.5-11.3 GHZ on substrate Rogers (h=0.508mm). the problem I have is that after optimization I can not get the -3dB amplitude in both port 3 and 2. the results are indicated in attachment. can anyone help me to find the solution? any support from you will be appreciated
Hi I couldn't find out what kind of parameter delta is, but you can define the delta in project variables and then use it in optimization.
For CRLH unit cell length optimization, which parameter i must select.. And also provide me with some examples for deeper insight
Hi all I designed a planar antenna that would be a unit cell for a 44 phased array. My PC resources are limited and I want to know what configuration i may use in order to speed out simulation and optimization of the array's parameters.
Hi everybody, I am having a project about "optimization for antenna using hfss simulation through hfss API". My trouble is now when i export data under Excel or Matlab table from hfss result, i dont have any idea to analyze these file in Matlab, such as S11 plot, i dont have idea how to make matlab understand what value of (...)
Hi everybody, My name is Ngoc, I am the third year student at Ha Noi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam. I am having a project about "optimization for antenna using hfss simulation through hfss API". My trouble is now when i export data under Excel or Matlab table from hfss result, i dont have any idea to (...)
Hi everybody, I'm haveing project about antenna optimization by Genetic Algorithm. My trouble now is that can't linking between hfss and MatLab. If anyone know it, please guide me what i need to do now? Thank you so much!
Hello, I am trying to write script that creates an output variable that can be use as a goal function in an optimization routine for pattern synthesis. I have a hard time putting all this together (either hfss or Designer). Some questions: 1. can the desired pattern be an array defined by in imported series of points?
There are two questions here: 1) We know that it is easy to determine the 10-dB bandwidth by using the XWidthAtYVal(-10) function in the simulated return-loss plot. Thus when I try to achieve a 10-dB bandwidth larger than 50 MHz, I set an optimization goal like XWidthAtYVal(dB(S(1,1)),-10)>=50e6. Everything goes OK until the second iteration where
"Hi , I am just beginning to use ansys-hfss to design a circular waveguide and I would optmize its dimensions to get the S-parameter i want. Is it possible to do that without groping along ? Something similar to the optmization on ADS maybe... Thank's for your help," ... I did find how to do an optimization. But it says that my
My computer is Win7(64bit) 16G RAM For the same filter. 1. when I do simulation, the ram will increase to more than 10G, and the simulation is ok, no error. 2. But when I do the optimization, after several iteration, hfss will stop appearing "out of memory". And I found that in task manager: hfss.exe(*32) took RAM about 3900 MB. (...)
1. "?plot filed? options are gray, why? " you forgot to save them, or you started an optimization sequence which can not be plot. Try to solve CW only once to see the port distribution. In my experience, making a non-obj. cross-section and plotting vector fields there gives more information. 2. Seems, Zo is not that is told in the help. I bel
i am a beginer on hfss tool and i am ... i am not getting exact value we have take for the corporate feed network so plz tell me how 2 design a corporate feed network for 2*2 array patch ..plz plz do help me... and i am facing problems in optimization also so plz help me
Hi How can one view updated results while optimization is being carried out by hfss? I mean as the hfss simulates for certain change(s) in optimizable variable(s) (during optimization process), how can one view intermediate results of that simulation(s)? Thanks in Advance! Vivs
h i every one while i am working on my design in hfss especially in optimization, i get error after analyze said that optimization Analysis failed - Initial value is infeasible what they mean with initial value....
I am designing a tri band antenna in hfss but having problem with third dip which is at - 4ddB .... how ca i optimize it to get s11 below -10dB geometry is attached
How to set up the Goal in optimization setup in hfss in this case: the antenna is on xy plane, i want to find the value of a variable so that the antenna is Omnidirectional in yz plane I don't know how to set up the goal, the condition.. in optimization setup menu Thank you very much!
Respected all, Hello. I am designing a stacked and slotted antenna using IE3D. the same structure when i simulated with FEM based hfss, gave me four resonances, the result of IE3D is also giving me four resonant points, but the problem is that the RL at two of the four frequencies is less than (above) -10dB. So i decided to assign the probe fee