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Hi, I have design the circuit for RS232 communication using that circuit, D type connector is connected to the computer. I am using the serial device tester for test the communication.The results are Test condition:1 RX and TX is shorted Result: Communication is done Test condition:2 RX and TX is left open Re
Use optocupler to detect ringing on telephone
Please help me: i am doing my project to control a small DC motor speed. can u tell me which optocuplar ic i can use? please tell me ic number. thanks
HI Try isolating the motor circuitry from the cpu by using optocupler's All the best Bobi
Hi You will need to use an optocupler & an IR LED (search QRD1313 from fiarchiled) put a hole in the motor sheft and move the motor until you read "1" from the optotransistor - this is your new home poision All the best Bobi
Hi Simply use 1:1 isolation transformer to isolate the 220V from main and then use the 1:20 resistor divider Also you can use measurement IC like ADE7753 from analog and optocupler to measure voltage and current from 220V rail Please remember to act with caution when using high voltage All the best Bobi Th
HI Maxim also have some product in this filed - or you can use a MAX485/LTC485 with an optocupler on the digital side See maxim application note for implementation All the best Bobi
Hi It is mostly depend on the solid state drive circuit for some it is just the LED part of an optocupler and for some circuit it is a led with a current source Basically add a small resistor in series with + control input of the SSRELAY All the best Bobi
optocupler do two main tasks (simultaneously): Insulation: Galvanic Seperation of High-Low Voltage parts of a system Isolation: Putting noise and external interferences out of system (CMR performance)., which is very important in industrial applications Cheers
Hi Use a voltage divider connected to input LED ports. When + cycle is ON, optocoupler puts output low. A simple DC input photoransistor optocupler can do it. Also I saw there is a special part for AC sensing. it looks nice.. You can check at Regar
Hi all: I am hopping to solve a pesky configuration of a switching power supply, part number LT1374. In our design, we need this switcher and ignition circuit to do the following: 1) Default OFF, ignition signal is not present. 2) Ignition signal is sensed, optocupler turns ON switcher 3) Switcher provides 3.45Vdc to a LDO at 2.8Vdc that
Hi there. I must design 24 channel digital input card on size of single europa. I need solution that does not use relays that are for 220V where coil is placed as input because there is not enough space for this solution, nor solution with optocupler and current limiter with resistor since this way it will disipate about 0,6Wx26ch=15.6W (led curre
I build this one : I prefer to use an optocupler in the Feedback Line . and if you replace R15 whith an Poti you can easy change the switching Frequenty For Power MosFET I use IRFZ48n or for higher current IRF1010 or use more Fet's For real high output current there are a lot of FilterCaps n